Saturday, December 02, 2006

Welcome Sarajevo!

I love the way I now get to see the names of the cities where some of my visitors live. This morning, I added country number 61 to my collection - and I was lucky enough to be on line and checking my blog when my visitor from Bosnia Herzegovina appeared. So I know that they live in Sarajevo. They were there along with a visitor from Tel Aviv in Israel and Lummen in Belgium - what an international start to the weeked. Welcome to my blog !

Remember that Japanese book I had a contest over? The reprint that I asked for help to try and find the title? And thanks to Jennifer and Cryna I decided it had to be The Unexpected Child ? Well - we got the right book. I received copies of the book in the post today, along with the Japanese edition of The Antonakos Marriage so I could check. And there on the title page are the words The Unexpected Child 1997 - so the mystery is cleared up. Jennifer and Cryna I hope your book bags have arrived and are useful - you can always use them for Christmas shopping. I always fold one up and put it in my handbag (purse) to carry with me so that I can use if for and unexpected shopping I have to do.

Those of you who have never seen one of my bookbags you can find a pic of one here .It used to be on my web site Contest Page but right now that's where the Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Books is showing. You have until December 10th to enter the Christmas Stocking contest - and to enter the special Newsletter 12 Days of Christmas Contest which is open to members of my newsletter group. I'm going to start getting Sid to pick prizes for the Newsletter Contest from December 5th onwards - with 12 Signed books and a little extra Christmas gift to give away - one a day from 5th -27th December.

Then I'll be starting a new contest for my Newsletter Group - and there will be a special contest coming up in the New Year, one I'm running jointly with Anne McAllister - watch our blogs for details. And I'll be including bookbags as part of the prizes in those. So why not join the Newsletter list to make sure you get all the up to date info. (see the link in the sidebar - or click the one above)My Newsletter members are always the first to know about everything - and they get chances at all the special Newsletter only prizes too.


Anne McAllister said...

Looking forward to our joint contest, Kate.

Kate is promising we can run our man-in-a-towel photo again. I'm thinking I'll be running my man-not-quite-in-a-towel as well. Doubt we'll be giving them as prizes, though!

Jennifer Y. said...

I received my bag and really appreciate it! Sorry I haven't written sooner to thank you...been battling a cold.


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