Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cat Christmas Countdown 1 (Amended)

There have been protests - and sit-ins in my house! It has been pointed out to me that there are more cats in this household than SID!

And this is true - there are three other cats. All of them have been mentioned but they are complaining that Sid has been over-exposed. It's true, I'm afraid, that he has been getting a very big head and, I'm sorry to say, an Attitude (or should that be a Cattitude?) as a result of the attention he has been getting in Blogland.

So to redress the balance - in the Countdown to Christmas, I will have to show you the other cats who are all taking part in the celebrations too. They will appear in order of Seniority which - as Bob points out - means that Sid who is the baby of the family will appear last.

So here is Boss Cat - the Alpha Cat (and never let it be whispered that a redhead cannot be an Alpha hero - at least not in Bob's presence!) He is the Damian Lewis of cats.

Well - no - not really - you see, Bob is short for Robert Redford and his official name is Redford. That is because when he arrived at our house he was a tiny bundle of strawberry blond fur with big blue eyes. And so he was named for the star of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Bob would like to think that he is in fact the Sundance Kid. He has the same narrow eyed look as his namesake in the picture here. He is very definitely the cat who rules the roost and even though he is now the advanced age of 17 + he is still the Boss Cat and even Sid wouldn't risk challenging him.

Two years ago, Anne McAllister gave all the cats an Advent Calendar (well - she said she gave it to me but as you can see, it says 'Santa I've been a very good cat - so it's obvious who it's really meant for. She also provides 'greenies' as cat treats to go in the little pockets for each day. I don't know quite what's in the greenies but I do know that Bob adores them - he would rip your hand off to get them. So here in today's Cat Countdown picture is Bob - going for the greenies.

PS In the comments on this posting there was a protest of the Feline sort - from Mr R Redford (the furry one - not the film actor) pointing out that his picture did not show his full handsomeness but only an ear and the back of his head. I havem therefore, added a further picture of The Alpha Cat to show that he is indeed an very handsome red head.


R Redford, C.A.T said...

Dear Missus

Thank you for putting my picture up on your blog. Do you think next time (trusting there will BE a next time) you could put something other than my left ear and the back of me? I am a much handsomer cat than my left ear and the back of me illustrates. I would not like your readers to think I wasn't as handsome as Some.

That Anne McAllister is a Good Friend to have sent us all these Greenies. She thinks you need to show more than my left ear and the back of me, too. She said so.

Michelle Styles said...

It is a v sweet picture.

I am v impressed with the cat advent calender.

Word for the day --ntcasgu
SOunds appropriate...

Nienke said...

I just love that kitty advent calendar. And your kitties are just lovely! I'm surprised you got aways with breaking the 'equal time' rule for so long!

R Redford, C.A.T. said...

Much improved, Missus. Thank you. I appreciate your heeding my protest. I wish you the best of the holiday season.

Sincerely yours with my mouth full of greenies,

R Redford, C.A.T.

hdcbiezl: I told you I had my mouth full.


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