Tuesday, April 15, 2008

12 Point Guide 2 Launch Party 4

I'm dashing today because I'm setting off for London, literally any minute.
This afternoon I'll be at the London Book Fair for the real launch party for 12PGTWR2, but I'll leave you with some really wonderful guests who will chat with you and I'm sure you won't miss me.

My apologies to the people who have sent in questions for the Writers' Q&A which has been rather pushed to the side in the chaos that has been my life this past week or so. I have not forgotten you and I still plan on answering the questions just as soon as I get back from London and can breathe again.

So watch this space.

And when I get back I will have winners to annouce as well.
So I'll see you Thursday and in the meantime, enjoy meeting today's guests.

The first of these is Holly Jacobs who says:
Kate Walker's book is a must-have for any writer's bookshelf. It's clear, concise, informative!! Okay, so when I say things like that you might think I'm biased since I think Kate's one of the loveliest ladies around, but my copy of the book is on my reference shelf, within arm's reach of my desk! Congrats, Kate!
Holly's prize:
The winner can pick a book from my backlist (although there are a few that I'm now out of, I have copies of most.)
Holly's next book out is Same Time Next Summer, SuperRomance, in August.

I don't yet have a cover for Same Time Next Summer, but the lovely House on Briar Hill Road is still around on Amazon. And you can read more about Holly's books on her web site

My next guest is a lovely author from Australia - Ally Blake who writes for both the Modern Heat and Romance lines. Welcome Ally!

Ally says:

The second edition is here! The second edition is here! For anyone out there who does not have a copy of the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance, run, don't walk, down to your local bookshop and buy one now. And I just ain't saying that, Kate, because you sooooo kindly asked me to be involved ;). When our published members of the Pink Heart Society get together to say which book helped them most on their journey to becoming a romance author, your wonderful book comes up trumps time and time again. And if that ain't a stamp of approval I don't know what is. A big fat humungous congrats on the release of the second edition and here's to it helping spawn a new generation of romance authors for us all to fall in love with!

Ally's next Modern Heat novel The Magnate's Indecent Proposal hits UK bookshelves in May . You can find her at her website.

Now I'd like you to say hello to Nicola Cornick who writes such fabulous historical novels.

Nicola says:
It's been great to be able to recommend The Twelve Point Guide to lots of aspiring authors who have contacted me for writing advice and I'm thrilled to know that I've been able to make a small contribution to the new book. Thank you, Kate, and I wish the book every success. When it comes to good, practical advice for would-be authors the 12 Point Guide is the best!"
Nicola's next book is The Last Rake in London - May 2008 from Mills & Boon Historicals and June 2008 from Harlequin Historicals

Nicola's Prize:
I'd love to offer a copy of The Last Rake in London as a prize
Nicola's question is:
Which historical period would you like to have been born in?
(Answer in the comments as usual please)
You can find more about Nicola on her website.
And last but not least is Presents auhtor Abby Green .
Here's what Abby has to say:
HUGE congratulations to Kate on this occasion, the launch of the second edition of her world famous 12 point guide to writing romance. It helped me along my way and then I was lucky enough to meet Kate and get her to sign my copy, and I've subsequently ordered it and also lent my own precious copy to various other aspiring authors.No doubt it's featuring right now in someone else's path to publication and the new edition will be even more fabulous than the last one. Even more encouraging. Even more inspirational and even more jam packed with helpful advice and exercises.Thanks for all the hard work you've put into it Kate...x Abby Green

Abby's next next book out is The Mediterranean Billionaire's Blackmail Bargain in July

You can read more about Abby and her books on her website
And don;t forget that all these fabulous authors are partying with me because they contributed to 12PGTWR2 by offering thier own personal tips and advice on writing romance in general and the lines they write for in particular.

Keep commenting for a chance to win - and I'll be back before you know it!


CrystalGB said...

Hi ladies. I am really enjoying the party.
I would love to have been a teenager during the 1950's when poodle skirts were popular. I love the music from that time period.

diane said...

Love your launch party. This is my favorite topic. Discussing the era that I view as the most appealing. I would have liked to have lived during the 1940's since that decade was alluring in many ways. Film noir, the classic and wonderful actors of that time. The big band era and the entertainment.

Maureen said...

I would have liked being born at the beginning of the twentieth century. So much was changing.

anne said...

When I grew up during the 1950's I did not realize that I would be nostalgic for that era, but I am since I am a boomer and this era I now know is my favorite. I remember the wonderful times riding bikes, day trips to lakes nearby and the sock hops that I loved. The music, simplicity and sweetness has me pining for that time once again.

petite said...

My love of historical novels has interested me greatly in the Georgian-Regency era. The beauty and bucolic countryside, the estates and my fascination with the lifestyle.

Jan Jones said...

Oh, it would have to be the Regency era, Nicola!

I'd have been a convention-defying closet blue-stocking, so witty and fascinating (er, we are talking fantasy here, right?) that single rich gentlemen with country estates and houses in town were all vying for my affections.

Happy sigh.

Jane said...

I think I'm going to choose the Regency period. Maybe I'll catch a duke and we'll dance at Almack's and attend masquerades.

alissa said...

The Regency era has always been the ultimate. The refinement, beauty, manners, and riding in the vast and beautiful countryside within your lovely estate. What a life!

Virginia said...

Hello Holly, Ally, Nicola,glad to see you ladies here. I love historical books. I would love to go back in time maybe to about 1900 but just to visit. I am happy with the time I was born in I kind of like the modern things we have today, like our computers. We meet a lot of friends through them. Maybe going back in time for a visit just to see how things have changed would be a great thing to do.

Dina said...

I would love to have lived in the 1800's England. I love the clothing and the way men & women addressed each other.

michelle Douglas said...

Between them Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer have me yearning for Regency England. But only if I'm rich! I don't want to be the servant heating someone's bath or washing the clothes, not without today's modern conveniences.

ellie said...

I was always enamoured with the twenties. A carefree time with nary a worry. Lovely holidays in the south of France or Italy. Historicals which portray this era interest me.

robynl said...

Give me the Roaring 20's; I love the Charleston, the long necklaces and the dress style.

acdaisy95 said...

I think I would like to be in the Victorian time period.

Anonymous said...

I would like the 1880's--but only if I could be rich! :)

Louise B

ilona said...

Hi everyone. Loving the party :D
As to an era in which I would like ot live, I don't think any one comes ahead of another. I love regency stuff because of Georgette Heyer and the Viking Era because of Sandra Hill, but I think my favourite era would be the one that whichever book I'm reading is set :D

Nathalie said...

I would have loved to be born in the regency period... those great dresses, it would have been a dream ;) However, I am not sure if I can just forget about all the commodities we have now!

peggy said...

in the 1817 i love the balls and wonderful cloths of this time era

jennybrat said...

I'd go with the Regency era. Love the gowns and the art.


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