Tuesday, April 22, 2008

12 Point Guide 2 - More winners!

I have more winners! Some of my wonderful guests have picked t names from the people who have commented and they have let me know who has won their prize - so - fanfare and trumpets - here are the lucky winners:

Trish Morey's winner is "Alissa who said in response to Natasha's q - "I like hearing about the trips author's have planned and how this influences their upcoming books". Will keep that in mind for my own website updates in light of upcoming trip later this year!"

Natasha Oakley herself chose Mulberry for her helpful comment " Thinking about author's websites, most of what I would say has already been covered, but I feel for me the main thing is to get a sense of the person behind the books. It needs to offer a lot more than the covers and blurbs (we can get these from the M&B or Harlequin sites), more personal information and snippets about writing the book."

Michelle Reid chose Robynl as her winner.

Joanna Maitland chose Maureen

And India Grey chose Jennybrat (actually, she didn't chose - it was India's daughhter who did the picking, so you have her to thank, Jenny!)

Finally - Trish Wylie chose Virginia

And if you entered Susan Stephens contest - she'll be announcing the winner on her web site later today.

So - winners please email me with your postal addresses and I'll send your details on to the wonderful author who has donated your prize. Congratulations all!

And the special news that I had to hold back on yesterday until the authors themselves had announced it comes from the Romantic Time Awards , announced at their Convention in Pittsburgh:

Liz Fielding was awarded a Career Achievement Award for Love & Laughter in romantic fiction.This award is self-explanatory. It’s not for just one book, but for a body of work.

Trish Wylie won Best Harlequin Romance with Rescued, Mother-To-Be

Natasha Oakley won Best Harlequin Presents with The Tycoon's Princess Bride

and Holly Jacobs won Best Everlasting Love with The House on Briar Hill Road

Once again congratulations, ladies - I have such talented friends. (and generous ones too as they've all offered prizes)

And tomorrow I have some of that news I've been promising do come back for that.


robynl said...

woohoo I won; thanks so much Michelle. Congrats to the other winners.

Virginia said...

Congrats to all the winners. Well ladies it looks like this week we are all winners. Congrats on your awards!!!

jennybrat said...

Thanks! I look forward to reading India's book.

Cryna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cryna said...

Congratulations to all the winners.......on all the awards.....all are well deserved.

Also congratulations to all the winners of books.....


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