Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank you from Julie Moggan

Another busy day today.

Interview went fine yesterday. Parcels all went off - so my prizewinners will have their copies of 12PGTWR2 very soon.

And some of you who pre-ordered from Amazon actually have your copies in your hands or they're on their way to you now. I've had emails from some happy people who have theirs. And of course you can always order it from your local bookshop.
But here's some great news for those of you who live in America/Australia - anywhere really - the Book Depository now has 12PGTWR2 in stock!!
Why is this such good news?

Well the Book Depository has a fantastic deal for you because it offers FREE delivery worldwide And it's a reduced price. I don't know how they manage that but they do. So I had hoped that they would stock 12PGTWR2 because I knew it would make life so much easier for my international readers.

And now they're stocking it. And it's despatched within 24 hours - I hope this helps some of you.
Also, I just wanted to pass on a thank you from Julie Moggan the documentary maker. After my post and the PHS one went up she has had a flurry of emails from people who will answer her questions. So thank you for those - she will get back to you just as soon as she can.
But she can do with still more. Specially from readers - so if you missed the post about the project then it's here and Julie would love to hear from you.

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Margaret Mayo said...

Kate, I emailed Julie and had an answer from her straight away with lots of questions. And I've also got right in front of me your new 12PGTWR. I pre-ordered it from Amazon and it arrived on Tuesday.
I never read your other one so I'm looking forward to the pleasure.


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