Friday, April 11, 2008

12 Point Guide Launch Party - 2

My first guest today is no stranger to any of you because I often talk about her. And you know how I love her books. She's a dear friend both to me and to Sid The Cat and she is Anne McAllister
Anne says:

Of course, you can write a romance without reading this book. But why would you pass up brilliant advice from one of the world's best writers and teachers of romantic fiction?

(Anne you're making me blush. And thank you for writing about the 12 Point Guide of your blog)

Anne's latest book is the great read - One-Night Love Child which is on sale now in the UK and the Presents edition is still around on Amazon or eHarlequin.

Anne is offering a prize of a copy of The Boss's Wife for A Week (you can read about this book on Anne's website) and she will ask her dog Gunnar to pick a winner from the comments today. Like Sid, Gunnar likes lots of treats to choose from. So get posting!
My second guest today has come all the way from Australia just to be here. She's the lovely Annie West who also writes for Presents.

Here's what Annie has to say about the 12 Point Guide

Kate, congratulations on the launch of this new edition of your 12 Point Guide. I'm thrilled to have contributed just a little to this updated version, especially since I know how useful this book has already been to so many writers. One of the things I like best about writing romance is the generosity and support of other writers, published and unpublished. That sharing of information and good will is at the heart of our genre and has helped many would be authors become published (me included). Here's to the success of this 2nd edition. I know it's eagerly awaited.

In the UK, Annie's latest book is in the Mills and Boon Presents.. anthology (for the cover of that see Wednesday's post. Annie's contribution is called The Billionaire's Bought Mistress. Also, she has a North American release in mid May, entitled The Greek Tycoon's Unexpected Wife. Annie is offering a copy of this book as her prize today - and she will be choosing her winner from the comments too.

You can find out more about these books on Annie's website.

My final guest for now is the very talented Historical Romance writer Michelle Styles.
Michelle has already talked about the launch party of her blog (Thanks Michelle!) so if you've come over from there, I hope you'll post a hello - you might even win one of the prizes.

Michelle says:
I am sure that the second edition will be even more valuable to writers. I know I found the first edition to be really helpful to me in my quest of reaching publication.

Michelle's current book is Taken by the Viking and is the start of her Viken series.

Michelle's prize is a copy of her earlier book Sold & Seduced along with a signed copy of The Antonakos Marriage (by someone called Kate Walker) which was the seed book for this story. (Michelle talks about that on her blog)

Michelle's question is:

What is the name of the hero and heroine of each book.

(Answers can be found on Michelle's web site where you can read an excerpt of this book - or my web site for The Antonakos Marriage)

IMPORTANT - for this question please send your answers direct to Michelle so that she can pick the winner herself.

Finally, and nothing to do with the launch party or the 12 Point Guide - but because I know a lot of you will like to see this latest development in the ongoing story of Sid the Alpha Cat and Flora the Floozie - she has finally encroached onto his special blanket on my office windowsill
And yesterday, the Alpha male softened enough to let her have a cuddle - but only while he was asleep!
She's winning him round.
Don't forget to post comments - you have to be in to win. (And send your answers to Michelle)


Jane said...

This launch party is awesome. Keep the champagne flowing.

CrystalGB said...

Wow, what great guests you are having for the party.

peggy said...

i am enjoying the launch party.
i am a reader but i love reading
about the hard work that goes in to writting a book

Jan Jones said...

Cats are just so cute when they lean on each other to go to sleep. And yours are more cute than most!

Lovely pics.

acdaisy95 said...

Thanks for the awesome party.

Jan Jones said...

Oh, and Anne - I loved Flynn, Sara and Liam. But O'Malley... now there's real hero material.

Annie West said...

Kate, it's terrific to be here for your launch party. I can hear the champagne corks popping from here!
Happy celebrating.


Madeline said...

Hi Kate, I'm sorry that I'm a bit late to the launch party. My only excuse is that I've been reading lots of books about writing and tearing my hair out trying to get that first chapter finished. Not much time to visit blogs when you are a new writer.

I definitely plan on buying your book as soon as it is released here in the US. I look forward to getting some sound advice from one of my favorite authors.

Thank you for writing another edition. Maybe I can get a copy, before it is all sold out this time.

Have a great weekend. Hugs, Mads:)

Dina said...

Hi Kate,

I hope I can still join the party, lol.

you have alot of interesting info here and I'm enjoying it. :)

Sid & Flora are soooo cute.

Virginia said...

I just found the launch party and now I am looking forward to it.


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