Friday, April 18, 2008

12 Point Guide 2 Launch Party 5

Well, the party is starting to wind down now, but there's still a few bottles of champagne left and some tasty nibbles if you're hungry. And I have a final set of guests to introduce to you let them chat - and offer prizes.

There are an extra few guests today because the party eneds this weekend - and I will be busy tomorrow so these wonderful authors will keep you entertained till Monday - and you'll have plenty of time to comment because there are plenty of prizes on offer.

The great thing about the guests who have joined us at the party, and the writers who have contributed the From the Writers' Desks section of the 12PGTWR2 are from so many of the successful lines published by Harlequin and Mills & Boon. And today's authors are no exception.

First, here's one of the great Historical Romance authors - Joanna Maitland :

Joanna says:
Kate Walker has written a really accessible guide to the craft of writing romantic fiction which I always recommend. Can't wait to see the new, improved version. I'm sure it will do exactly what it says on the tin.

Joanna's next book out is published in September and it's part of The Aikenhead Honours trilogy. Three gentlemen spies: bound by duty, undone by women!Book 1 is His Cavalry Lady

Joanna's Prize -She can't offer His Cavalry Lady as there are no copies available yet. But she is offering a copy of one of her other books - like Bride of the Solway that I've shown here.

Joanna blogs on the Regency Authors' blog that you can find here

My next guest needs no introduction . She's the brilliant Presents author, Michelle Reid.

Michelle was so keen to join us that she posted her quote in the comments section a few days ago, but I've rescued it and now I can post it here:

Huge congrats on the 2nd Edition Kate! Yet another must-have to join my well used first edition. So - so useful even for an oldy like me!

Michelle's next book out is coming in May in both UK and USA - the title is The Markonos Bride. She's offering a signed copy of this book to her winner, chosen from the comments over the weekend.

She's having her web site revamped so watch out for the new look coming soon - you can find it here

Next is another of the talented new Presents authors - India Grey.

India says:

Hurrah for the launch of the fantastic all-new 12 Point Guide! For me, discovering this book was like being on a really arduous, lonely journey and suddenly finding not only a road map, but an excessively knowledgeable, infinitely kind and sympathetic guide who was willing to hold my hand along the way. Anyone setting off on the road to publication-- don't even think of leaving home without it!

India's next book is out in August and it's so new that I don't even have a cover for it yet. The title is: Mistress: Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure .

You'll soon be able to read more about this book on India's website which is here
India's prize:
I'm expecting the pink hardbacks of my August release in the next few weeks, so I can offer one of those (as soon as they arrive!) to a randomly picked commenter

The Presents authors are coming in in droves today - here's another, the lovely lady I had lunch with only last week - and that's Susan Stephens

Susan says:

Wishing one of my favourite authors and favourite people all the richly deserved success in the world. Susanxxx

Susan's next book is Desert King, Pregnant Mistress (UK June) (US August)

Susan's Prize:
A signed copy of one of her books

Susan's question:
What is the name of my heroine in Desert King, Pregnant Mistress, and the sheikh she meets in the desert kingdom?

The answer can be found on Susan's website

Send your answer for this question to

Now here's an author who writes for a couple of lines - and the advice she gives in 12PGTWR2 is for both of them - she's Irish author, Trish Wylie

Trish says:

I can't tell you how proud I was to be a small part of Kate Walker's second edition of the 12 Point Guide, the book that has launched so many writing careers. When we started our Writer's Wednesday at The Pink Heart Society and new authors would tell us their road to publication story - the 12 Point Guide appeared again and again and again. So bravo Kate and here's to the second edition

Trish writes for the Romance line and Modern Heat and her next book is out in the Modern Heat Line in May with the title

Claimed By The Billionaire Bad Boy. For those of you who read Trish's blog, you'll know this as Gabe's book.

Trish is offering a signed copy of one of her books to someone picked from the comments today or tomorrow.

Another guest who writes for another line is Romance author and RITA nominee Natasha Oakley

Here's what Natasha has to say:
When I began writing romance I joined the Romantic Novelists' Association and submitted a manuscript to their 'New Writers' Scheme'. I didn't know it then but my 'mystery reader' was Kate Walker. What I received back was a five page detailed report. More important than that were the ticks throughout my 'book' where I'd written something she liked and the frequent 'cut for pace' note she'd written in the margin where I'd gone off on a tangent. It was a masterclass - and I knew it. Kate also sent me the first edition of the 12-Point Guide to Writing Romance. If writing a Harlequin Mills & Boon is your aim you truly do not need another 'How To' book. I found there were sections which confirmed what I was doing and built my confidence, other sections which saved me years of writing 'near-misses'. Buy it!

Natasha's next book out is Wanted: White Wedding- Harlequin Romance out in May in the UK and NA.
Natasha's Prize:
As a prize I offer The Tycoon's Princess Bride - that's the book she has shortlisted for the RITA

Natasha's question:
I'm currently revamping my website after a year of ignoring it. What features do you particularly like to see? The answer that surprises me most wins the book!'

And the final guest, last maybe but definitely not least is another Trish - this time it's Trish Morey who's come all the way from Australia to help with the celebrations

And Trish says:

Kate, I was never able to recommend a writing how-to with so much assurance it would be valuable, if not a godsend, to writers than the first edition of your 12 Point Guide. I have no doubt the second edition is going to be even more valuable. Thanks for updating such a useful text!

Trish's next book out will be The Italian Boss's Mistress of Revenge - out in August in America, September in UK . Another book that's too new for me to have copy of the cover, so I'm using the cover of the book that Trish is giving away as a prize - The Boss's Christmas Baby, another one you can win just by commenting.

You can find out more about this book and the one Trish has coming up over on her web site.

And that's it - lots of wonderful authors, many of whom have donated great prizes - and all of whom have contributed great advice to that From The Authors' Desks chapter in 12PGTWR2.

A great big THANK YOU to them all for their generosity in both ways.

Now if you want to win one of these prizes you know what you have to do - you just need to drop by the comments section and leave a note.
Except for Susan Stephens question which you answer through the email given

So - get commenting! And you never know your luck!


Maureen said...

So many great authors! To answer the question I think I most enjoy reading about books that are coming out and upcoming books. Plus I love seeing the covers and that helps me when I go to the store because I know what I'm looking for when I want to buy an author's new book.

Dina said...

Wow Kate, you are spoiling us with these wonderful authors. Thank you. :)

Hello, waving to all of the guest authors today. :)

To answer Natasha's ? : I like you web site now, I like it when it's easy to navigate, that always helps, lol. I like anaimate moving pics, it gets my attention fast. I like little tidbits of info of anything new on the home page, like you do now. So, I'm happy. :)

Virginia said...

Wow so many authors today. The answer to Natasha question I would like to see more excerpts to your books and reviews. I just love reading excerpts and reviews because it tells me what books I need to get for my TBR pile. And to the rest of your wonderful ladies it is really nice seeing you here today and to all of you have a wonder weekend and good luck ot all.

jennybrat said...

My answer to Natasha's question: I like behind-the-scene tidbits such as what inspired the book, funny things that happened, the reason for the characters' names, etc. I also think a pictorial collage of elements in the book would be really interesting eg the heroine's gown, accessories, the location of their first meeting, their homes, etc.

Natasha Oakley said...

Oh Virginia, that means I have to be organised enough to send my books out for review. ggg I love the Romantic Times because it happens automatically! :)

Jane said...

All of these authors are new to me, except for Susan. As for Natsha's question, I like detailed descriptions of the story followed by an excerpt. I also like reading the basics like an author's bio and their WIPs.

KimW said...

Stopping in to catch up and take a break from the dreaded spring cleaning. :( Almost done...

My favorite part of an author's website site and the one I frequent most is the "latest news" or "What's new" section. I can get a quick summary of books and some tidbits of personal doings, too.

CrystalGB said...

Wow, what great authors. To answer Natasha's question. I like to read about upcoming books, excerpts, character profiles,book trailers and news from the author.

Natasha Oakley said...

One of the real downsides about having your website 'managed' is that I feel really detached from it.

My blog I know exactly what's happening. I know who is coming from where, where they visit, how long they stay ...:) Kind of makes it feel less like writing into the ether.

Natasha Oakley said...

Sorry, got distracted because of offspring four having a nose bleed. Ah the joys of parenthood.

What I was going to say was ... this is incredibly helpful.

What about seeing foreign covers? (I recently did a library talk where two of the women hadn't realised my books would sell anywhere but the UK.)

Do you like a crowded homepage or does a lot of text make you feel exhausted and send you off in search of the kettle?

michelle Douglas said...

What a wonderful line up of authors! Kate, you really know how to throw a party!

Natasha - To be honest, on a website I like something a little quirky that gives me an insight into the author's personality. Maybe it's a monthly update (with pics) of the fish aquarium the author has just set up, or the favourite recipe the author has tried for the month, or... something. (Don't know if this is helpful at all - haven't instigated it on my own website (yet) - but it is something that as a reader I'd keep coming back to check on.)

Jan Jones said...

For a new-to-me author, I read the bio first, followed by interesting researchy snippets - then head straight for the blog. I suppose a blog just gives a sense of on-going person.

Oh, and I like nice, clean home pages. Not too busy or twiddly. And Easy Navigation to other pages.

PS - if I win, I've already got Bride of the Solway (and v good it is too. What other book starts with the immortal words, "You harlot!")

Trish Morey said...

I'm really glad Natasha asked such a great question because I'm loving the feedback - thanks Natasha!:-)) Think I'm going to have to send you that copy of The Boss's Christmas Baby in thanks:-)

But may just go with one of your great questioneers (I'm seeing mouseketeers with big question mark ears here:-))

Keep those suggestions coming, there are so many fabulous books to give away.

And congratulations once again Kate on the second edition! To share knowledge such as yours in such a conveniently packaged item is simply awesome.

ilona said...

Wow -so many authors who enjoy using your book :D Congrats on the second edition and thanks for a great party.
In responce to Natashas question I love the site and find it easy to navigate. I love to read about upcoming books and get a feel for what's on offer right now too. The best draw for me is the home page always having up to date news on an authors books.

Kate Walker said...

Just wanted to drop by and say Hi and I hope everyone's enjoying the party.

Hello Natasha - and thank you for asking that great question - I've been asked to run a panel on authors' websites at RNA Conference this year so I'm busy taking notes from everyone's answers. (would you like to be on the panel?)

Ooops - I just spotted Jan Jones who asked me to do the panel - now she'll kow where I get my informations! Hi Jan!

And Trish - how great that you could drop in, all the way from downunder! Thank you so much for the compliments - and the new packaging for the book is even more convenient since they changed the size of the book - much more easy to carry around.

Now everyone, drink up, there's still champagne to finish - and I just added more to the buffet so you won't go hungry and you can soak up all that alcohol. But it's cyber champagne so no calories!

I'd love to see more answers.

Kate sits in a corner with a notepad and waits for more visitors.

robynl said...

I love 'extras' about the books such as who the author pictured when choosing and writing about the characters; I like the author's bio and some happenings in the author's life.

acdaisy95 said...

WOW! Alot of great authors and most of these are all new to me. It is so great to learn more everytime.

India said...

As always, I'm arriving when the party's almost over, but it's great to read everyone's thoughts on websites. (And also a bit scary as mine is shamefully neglected and definitely in need of a bit of attention!) With a new book coming out soon I'm going to take notes from here of what I need to think about including...

Thanks for inviting me to the party Kate!

mulberry said...

I am looking forward so much to my copy of the 12 Point Guide eventually arriving from Amazon. My dream is that when the third edition comes out I can be one of the published authors saying how much what I learned from the book helped me get "the call"!

Thinking about author's websites, most of what I would say has already been covered, but I feel for me the main thing is to get a semse of the person behind the books. It needs to offer a lot more than the covers and blurbs (we can get these from the M&B or Harlequin sites), more personal information and snippets about writing the book.

Natasha, I hadn't visited it before and I'm glad I did- your site has a lovely "look"- very soft and welcoming. I love your "Meet Natasha" page, which tells me quite a bit more about you, and I'm certainly going to follow the links on the Writer's Resources page as there are a few new ones there.

jennybrat said...

Foreign covers would be cool. I also like the date of the most recent update to be indicated on the website. The layout has to be easy on the eye.

anne said...

What a delightful party. I enjoy reading about new releases as well as the research that the author has embarked upon for her writing career.
A website that provides current information and easy to navigate with simple and clean lines.

alissa said...

Fabulous array of authors. Love this party. I like hearing about the trips author's have planned and how this influences their upcoming books. Great excerpts and information relative to the background of their covers.

ruth said...

Interesting post today and lovely party.
A Website that consists of uptodate reviews and interesting and fun anecdotes that refer to the various books.

ellie said...

Great to see so may authors in one place. thanks.
I think it is important to stress the new books and what is going to be released and the special tidbits relating to the different books. Easy layout which is not too busy and cluttered.

mulberry said...

Hi and special thanks to Natasha!I just wanted to say how much I am looking forward to reading your book, plus those links on the writers' page on your website were fabulous- I spent all day reading them and following links. I got no writing at all done that day but feel that I learned so much that will help my writing! So thank you!


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