Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Still catching up & Centenary Novellas

Thank you to everyone who sent me get well wishes public and private - I am starting to feel a lot better now, but I'm still struggling to catch up. So I'll get to the Q&A when I can breathe.

In the comments section on Saturday, in response to my post about the reprint of The Duke's Secret Wife, 2paw (Hi Cindy!) said:

Do you think we will get the special Novellas here?? I hope so.

These novellas are a special collection published by Mills & Boon specially to celebrate the Centenary this year. In the UK, you can buy them separately, one by one, in the shops with a couple of new titles out each month, or you can buy the complete collection on the M&B site at a special offer price - which I think works out at saving of about £10! You can find out more information on the books here.

I don't know about publication anywhere else in the world - except that, by accident, I discovered that some of them will be on sale Australia - so Cindy, I can answer your question!

In May the eight books in the Sexy Romance Line will each have a 'bonus classic story' included with the main title. These 'classic stories' are some of the special novellas published in the collection in the UK. I discovered that my own story will be included with the Lynne Graham title, The Italian Billionaire's Pregnant Bride.

Each of these special bonus books will have a gold version of the M&B Centenary logo on the front cover so that they will be easy to spot.

So if you're looking for The Duke's Secret Wife, in the UK you look for a book with a cover like this - out in August.

And if you're looking for a copy of the same title in Australia, then you want to be in the bookshops in May and you're looking for this very different cover.

Same title of mine, very different marketing.

But to be in there with Lynne Graham can't be bad.


Jane said...

I wish we could get these special bonus books in the US.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better Kate.



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