Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I think I'm awake now. I did actually wake up a couple of hours ago and then remembered that, for today at least, I didn't have to rush to the keyboard and start Spaniard wrestling.
The book is finished, Santos has his happy ending (though he fought against it for far too long in my opinion) and now he and Alexa are sitting on my editor's desk waiting for her to take a look at them. I hope she likes them.

And I've been catching up on sleep.It's what usually happens when I get to the end of a book. Suddenly I can sleep without all sorts of ideas and plot puzzles and character developments buzzing round in my head. I can wake up not think 'dreadline' even before my eyes open. So, like this morning, I turned over - not, I didn't - I got up, fed Sid and Flora otherwise I would never have been given any peace - then I took my mug of tea back to bed with a book. And I fell asleep.

Not the book's fault. Definitely not the book's fault. The End of Dreadline Syndrome was responsible for that. The book will get a second chance today. Today I have time - and hopefully energy to read. That's another thing that I can do now I've sent Santos on his way. I can read other people's books. Yesterday I even read a magazine. I've been dreaming of that for weeks. Just the chance to sit down and read a magazine cover to cover. Yesterday I managed it. And then I fell asleep.

Today I'm sitting here with a list of things to do as long as my arm. I have blogs to write - PHS blogs- guest blogs -Launch Party blogs (for the 12 Point Guide Mark 2) I have accounts to do and the office needs sorting out - oh dear lord does it need sorting out! You can tell the stage I'm at in a book by how much of the floor you can see - I found some carpet yesterday - I keep being reminded that it's a very nice carpet of a very nice colour. So there's that - and then there's a TBR mountain to scale. Which is what I was attempting to do (well, starting in the foothills) this morning when I fell asleep.

And talking about books - April is the month when a very special book is published. No, not that 12 Point Guide II- this is a great romance, a very special book by a very special friend. April is the month that the lovely Liz Fielding's 50th M&B Romance is published. This book is The Bride's Baby and it's out now in both M&B Romance and Harlequin Romance. Iwas lucky enough to be given an advance copy and I read it and blogged about it here . If you like your romances with heartfelt emotion, wonderfully sympathetic characters and some of the very best writing around then pick up a copy of Liz's golden book. I loved it and I think you will too.
And Liz is celebrating her 50 books achievement over on her blog - there are lots of guest bloggers and plenty of prizes to win so why not go along there and join in the celebrations and congratulate Liz while you're there?
and CONGRATULATIONS LIZ! from me too.
Now I'm going to do something about this office - if I don't fall asleep. A mug of coffee first . . .


Donna Alward said...

Yay on mss on editor's desk! And yes, you hand in a book and then you just kind of WILT, don't you! I know I do. You don't even realize, but you kind of turn to spaghetti.

Hugs and high fives!

Jan Jones said...

Oh, well done, Kate! Three million cheers!

Madeline said...

Yeah Kate!!! The book is finished, and now you get to have a bit of downtime. Enjoy it!
Hugs from across the sea, Mads:)


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