Wednesday, April 09, 2008

12 Point Guide launch party

Let's get this party started properly - life is still chaotic but I have found time to write a blog before I go under again.

And - memo to self - when you are looking for the questions for the Writer's Q&A, it does help to look in the nice little folder you've set up with 'Writers' Q&A' on it! I was too efficient, you see - I put all the questions in there and forgot I'd don it.

So - Lorraine, I haven't lost your question at all! And I will be answering it just as soon as I can. Hopefully today.

But first I promised a party so let's have some guests . . . I've uncorked the champagne, put out the plates of nibbles so I hope some friends will turn up.

Oh and one bit of good news that I can tell you - The second edition - 12PGTRW2 - is going to be officially launched with a special party at the London Book Fair. The London Book Fair is the global publishing community's leading spring forum for booksellers, publishers, librarians and book production services worldwide. It's a special 3 day event that's held at Earls Court London on 14-16th April. The launch party for 12PGTWR2 is on Tuesday so the Magnet and I are heading down there next week to join in all the fun.

From what I hear, London Book Fair is huge with hundreds and hundreds of publisher all under one roof - so I'll report back and hopefully have photos next week.

Ahh - I see some guest arriving. As I've mentioned, all of the guests who will be at this lanch party are wonderful friends of mine - all, successful, published authhors in a variety of different lines and I've invited them along as a small thank you for the fact that they contributed to the From The Writers' Desks section which is the main thing that makes the new edition different - and expanded - from the first. Some of them will be bringing gifts in the shape of prizes - so watch out for those and get your entries in!

And the first guest through the door is the lovely Liz Fielding who has managed to leave her own special celebrations for the 50th title to come and join the party
Liz says:

Many congratulations to Kate on the 2nd edition of the wonderful 12 Point Guide for Writing Romance. I get a lot of letters from new writers looking for help and I always, but always direct them to this fabulous book. Thank goodness it's back in print again!

Thank you Liz - and congratulations again on your 50th. Liz's 'golden' book is The Bride's Baby
which is out right now in both UK and USA - treat yourself to a copy. I loved it!.
Liz's Prize:
A signed copy of The Bride's Baby, one of my mini sewing kits and a book of Mills & Boon money off vouchers
Liz's question:
Which Liz Fielding title was shortlisted for the Romance Prize in 2008?
You'll find the answer here on Liz's web site

Email your answer to me please
Details of how to enter all contests at the bottom of the post
Another special guest is top Presents author Sandra Marton

Sandra's Message is:
To Kate, with love and all best wishes for the success of your revised 12 Point Guide. Anyone hoping to write and sell romance novels should surely own a copy! Sandra Marton

Thank you so much Sandra.

Sandra's next release, coming in July is the lead novella in a hot new collection from Harlequin fittingly titled: HOT CITY NIGHTS.
You can find more details of this on Sandra's web site - but here's a sneak preview of the cover.

My final guest today - well, at this point of today is up and coming Medical author Margaret McDonagh who has a wonderful compliment for 12PGTWR2

Margaret says:
Many congratulations on this exciting second edition of the 12-Point Guide. This book is an absolute must for every writer of romance and the first edtion was invaluable to me when I decided that I had to try again to write Medicals for Mills & Boon. It still sits on my desk as inspiration and for easy referral.

Margaret - you're making me smile and blush as I write this.

Margaret McDonagh's current book is called An Italian Affair, a Medical Romance in the Mills & Boon Presents anthology - out now! The anthology also contains titles by Annie West [Modern] and Annie Burrows [Historical]. (what a great selection of authors - and I love the cover of this one.

Margaret's web site can be found here

Margaret's prize: She's giving away a copy of the anthology, and says that if Sid would be kind enough to select a winner from amongst the posters, that would be great.

So - how to enter

1. If the guest has asked a question please send the answer to the email given - it will either be to me or direct to the author. Please put Launch Party Prize in the subject line and in the main email give your answer and the name of the author whose prize you're trying to win.

2. If the author is going to pick a winner (or get Sid to do it for her) from the comments - then just leave a comment and either that author The Cat himself will get on to it.

So basically today you have one question to answer - send answers to me

And one prize you can win simply by leaving a comment

Good luck!

And I'll hope to be back with a Q&A post just as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the launch of the 12PGTRW2 Kate. I shall be heading off to Borders or Barnes and Noble to order my copy shortly.


Anonymous said...

Like Chris above, I'm eager to get my copy of 12PGTRW2 by ordering it from my local Borders. I've printed out the web site info on how to do that so the clerk knows what to enter. :)

Louise B
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jane said...

Congrats on the second edition of 12PGTRW2. I'm ready for the party to start.

CrystalGB said...

Congratulations Kate on the second edition of 12PGTRW2.

SueB said...

Congrats Kate!

Like the others, I am anxious to get my hands on 12PGTRW2. (Nice nickname ;) )


Annie West said...


So the day is really here? Launch Day! That's fantastic. I wish I was in Britain so I could duck into the shop and pick up my copy in person.


Yvonne Lindsay said...

You and me both, Annie!

Yvonne (passing around a plate of her mother's amazing cheese and bacon phyllo pinwheels)

Anonymous said...

CarolC said...

Kate. Congtrats on the launch of
12PGTRW2. Can't wait to get a hold of it and unearth the new gems of wisdom between the pages, the first one is just so fantastic.

Natasha Oakley said...

Launch day! I thought I'd pop in with some wine. I'm leaving that on the table and having your champagne. :)

acdaisy95 said...

Congratulation on the launch. Sounds fascinating.


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