Friday, July 25, 2008

The Alcolar Trilogy Mystery Part 2

On Wednesday I blogged about the mystery book that had appeared in the ebook bundle of The Alcolar Family Trilogy instead of my on-line story Wife For Real which is the story of Alex Alcolar and his heroine Louise.

I have no idea what has happened here. I'm just glad that I found out about this mistake before the bundle had been on sale for too long. I made some enquiries about the problem in the hope of finding out what's going on, and with the help of eHarlequin's great team I've managed to get things sorted out.

Yesterday I heard from the Digital Content Manager that they had checked the book bundle collection published as Kate Walker's Alcolar Family Trilogy and found that
somehow the wrong file was included in the bundle during pre-production and the error has been replicated in all eBook formats. So they are are taking swift steps to have it corrected, including contacting via email all those who purchased the bundle to notify them of the problem. A corrected version of the bundle is in the process of being converted and proof-read, and the new version should be posted on all sites by Monday.

So if you did get the wrong version, with the mystery book in with it, you should be contacted by Harlequin so that you can get hold of the proper version. My thanks go to Harlequin for acting so quickly on this.

Next month will see the publication of the print version of The Alcolar Family in the UK in the By Request series. (Though it's already available over on the Mills and Boon website). This edition has the three main stories in it. And if you want to read Alex's story then just a reminder that it's included in the on-line read library on the M&B site - or you can buy it as an ebook (for just $0.99) on eHarlequin

And my very special thanks go to Deb for buying, reading and reviewing The Alcolar Family Trilogy as part of the 100,000 Book Challenge and so bringing this problem to light so it could be sorted out before many other people bought the wrong version and didn't get a copy of Wife For Real.

And if you were going to buy this ebook bundle - just wait until Monday and then you'll get the correct version.
Oh - and I should justmention that the wonderful Heather from We Write Romance has just updated my web site for me in record time so if you want to take a look and see what's new, it's all ready for you.
Heaher's own site at We write Romance has also had a great revamp so why not take a look there too - there's always lots of interesting interviews and reviews read.
Thanks Heather!

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