Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm back and I had a wonderful trip to Hale. The library talk was fantastic, with a lovely, friendly, enthusiastic audience. And luckily I felt so much better so I was able to enjoy myself too.

(Kate sends a special wave to everyone in the workshop group on Saturday - you were great to work with and the time went so fast! Thank you!)

Full report and photos to follow when I can find my camera. (Special thank you to Nicole for takiing the pictures for me)

But before I forget, I just want to answer Linda C who asked me:

Has the 12 Step Guide 2nd. Edition been released in the U.S. yet? I went to Barnes and Noble, but it doesn't say which edition it is. I have the first one, now I want the second!

Linda - I went to check and the as long as you order the book where the edition of the 12 Point Guide that is advertised on B&N on line has the ISBN: 978-1842851319 that should be the second edition. I hope that soon they will have the cover up and you'll be able to see that the 2nd edition has the white band across the front where the first edition was just golden yellow.

Thanks for alerting me to this. It means that I can link to the B&N site from my own site.

Of course you can always order it from a bookshop with the details that are on my site . I believe that the RWA has put the book on the list of requested titles for the bookstall at RWA but I don't know yet if the bookshop will get stocks in. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

More later, but first I have to appease Sir Sidney and Flora the Floozie who are complaining loudly at the way I abandoned them for two days.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer, Kate. You're so sweet to check. I'm going to the B&N site now.



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