Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cat Days of summer

Yes, I know it's supposed to be the Dog Days, but as I'm back to having a six cat household, I think Cat Days are much more appropriate. The Offspring and his lovely partner are having their house rewired and new central heating put in so while the place is a wreck and the floorboards are up, exposing lots of interesting places where an inquisitive cat might get lost, the Grandkits, Meg, Mozzie and Stumpy are back with me - and Flora is not best pleased!

Sid doesn't mind so much - he has taken quite a fancy to Moz and they even touched noses yesterday. But then Moz looks very much like a smaller feminine version of Sid so he's bound to think she's goodlooking.

I made an unexpected discovery yesterday about the Harlequin ebook bundle version of The Alcolar Family Trilogy. The bundle is supposed to contain all the Alcolar books - That's The 12 Month Mistress, The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife, Bound By Blackmail and the on-line read that started off the whole thing - Wife For Real which is Alex Alcolar's story. The bundle is specially advertised as being unique in having this:

And as a very special free bonus, also included in this bundle is Wife for Real, the original online read that inspired Kate Walker to create the Alcolar family trilogy, available now for the first time ever.

But over on eHarlequin, I was chatting with Deb who had bought the Alcolar Family Trilogy and downloaded it onto her Kindle. I was puzzled because she had reviewed a book about two characters called Jordan and Katherine under the title of Wife For Real. Now the hero and heroine in my story are called Alex and Louise and the plot of this read is nothing like the summary Deb posted.

So I have no idea what has happened here. And I don't know whether it has just happened to Deb's download , the Kindle downloads, or all the ebook bundles. I'm just glad that I found out about this mistake before the bundle had been on sale for too long. I've been making enquiries about the problem in the hope of finding out what's going on. Just as soon as I learn anything about it and have any information, I'll pass it on to you.

But in the meantime, if you have bought the ebook bundle version of The Alcolar Family and there is the story of Jordan and Katherine included in it instead of the story of Alex Alcolar and Louise, then please contact Customer Care on eHarlequin and let them know about the problem.

Next month will see the publication of the print version of The Alcolar Family in the UK in the By request series. (Though it's already available over on the Mills and Boon website). This edition has the three main stories in it. And if you want to read Alex's story then just a reminder that it's included in the on-line read library on the M&B site - or you can buy it as an ebook (for just $0.99) on eHarlequin

Oh - and talking about ebooks, if you haven't already taken up the offer then don't forget that my June release Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is still available to download for free on the DailyLit site. You can either download Raul and Alannah's story in 56 daily instalments or click to have it downloaded immediately.

This offer is available for the rest of July and August.

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