Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One of those weeks

It’s turning into one of those weeks. One where I was determined to work on the l-o-n-g list of things I had to do, crossing them off as I went, and maybe even get to the end of them. But as soon as I crossed things off, I added more things to the list, so I still have exactly as much to do. . . if not more!

But some of it is exciting and most of it is interesting, so I’m not complaining. Take today as a typical example. I started off with the plan being a discussion on my next contract with my editor, talking about next book delivery dates etc. Then in the afternoon I had an interview for the Lincolnshire Journal – planned to come out when my August book Kept For Her Baby is in the shops in August. That was manageable, and left me plenty of time to do other bits and pieces. Like write out the book plan for the new idea I have (a Sicilian hero) ready to get that written by the deadline dates we decided. And write a blog – and even clean away some of the dust in my office before the interview started.

That was the plan. So I started my day with my usual walk, came home to find that the proofs for the Konstantos Marriage Demand had arrived – they come by email like so much these days. So there’s another job to add to the list.
Discussion with ed went fine – great. New books, yes please – delivery dates , great .. . but can the Sicilian wait a while? I’ve been asked to be involved in a new project that sounds fascinating . . and a bit of a challenge. And I’m delighted to have been asked. So yes, for the moment the Sicilian has to be put back in the queue – I still have his story all mapped out so I don’t think he’ll suffer too badly – while I work on a new Greek hero. I’ll tell you more when I can.

Then I’ve been approached about doing some more teaching. This would be another residential weekend on writing romance. And as I’ve had quite a few emails from people wishing that I could run some courses further south – or not over in Wales, I think this one should please a few of you. We’re still discussing and fixing the details – so again, more details when I can. And as soon as I can I’ll get the information up on the Events page of my web site.

Then I did manage to dust round the office before the interview – it really needed that! And the interview went wonderfully well. The reporter was fascinated by everything about my writing – she really hadn’t expected all the international editions and worldwide distribution etc. So we talked for quite a while. And Sid the Cat played the perfect host and came to say hello and keep her company while I made a pot of tea. He was charming and urbane and very affable. As always.

And now I’m finally managing to write a quick blog post to get myself up to date – for now. Because there are still the proofs to do, and I have to write my notes on the Sicilian so I don’t forget him. And make some new notes on the Greek project so that I’m ready to go forward with that . . .

It’s all go – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

You've been such a busy lady. Daisy mentioned on her blog you're going to DC. My daughter Keri literally lives right around the corner on Woodley Road NW. Harry Truman;s daughter Margaret lived in those apartments years ago, they are quite charming and the area has embassy's, interesting restaurants, the DC Zoo with the pandas, you're going to have a wonderful time.

Lacey Devlin said...

Busy Busy! Not that I'm complaining the more books the better! Remember to procrastinate it's good for the soul ;)

Donna Alward said...

Yes it's all go but it's all GOOD go so hooray!

Me on the other hand- I should work on word count but right now I just want to curl up with my book...


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