Thursday, June 04, 2009

Show me the money . . .

One of the things I had planned for a blog post when I had time to breath was to look at the way that writers get their income - how they are paid for what they write. It's one of the least well understood parts of my job and one I'm always getting asked about. And as the twice a year payment of royalties has just been delivered to my bank account, it is rather on my mind.

But then, luckily for me, I spotted that my friend and fell M&B author Kate Hardy has written a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the intricacies behind an author's income - in more detail and with more clarity than I would probably have managed.

So I get let off the hook and I can say 'Go and see what Kate says' . You'll learn more and it might surprise you!


Anne McAllister said...

Kate's post is great. She's saved us all a world of hassle writing about money. It's so much more fun to let her do it and write instead about something frivolous -- like Hecks or sexy computers!

Unknown said...

A brilliant post from Kate. I'll have to link to it too.

Kate Hardy said...

Great minds think alike :o) Glad you found it useful.

Question: "fell author". Is that a typo, or are you upgrading "Scary Kate"? LOL.

(Blame Anne. She's the one who used the word "frivolous"...)


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