Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Didn't I use to have time to blog?

So the Sicilian has left the building - I was glad to see him go and I hope my Editor is equally glad to see him in his newly tweaked glory.

I am out and about today - talking to the Airedale Writers' Circle in Keighley about writing romantic fiction so the Magnet and I are going via Harrogate as we haven't visited there for ages and it's one of our favourite places. It's also (special note for Anne McAllister, Anna Campbell, Anna Louise Lucia etc) the place after York that has the biggest Bettys Teashop in Yorkshire . . . I foresee afternoon tea and Fat Rascals coming up. (The Fat Rascals are the Bettys speciality rich scone type things and totally delicious - not talking about the Babe Magnet!)

So now I need to get on the road. But first I have to wish a special Happy Birthday to a special friend - Happy Milestone Birthday to Little Black Dress author Julie Cohen!


Julie Cohen said...

Thank you! 29 again!

Have a great time and enjoy the Fat Rascals.

Carol Townend said...

I hope the Fat Rascals were good! (I was brought up in Harrogate, so I do know what you are talking about!) Every time we visit a session in Betty's is a must...which is probably why I never get any slimmer;)


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