Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dylan's Happy Week

It's been a bit chaotic here for the past week. We have had the plumber in replacing the fittings in the cloakroom and mending a couple of pipes. A joiner hanging a new door and making a gate and a new fence. And a couple of other buildrs ripping out the ceiling in one room and rebuilding it so that it now actually has some proper insulatiuon in there instead of the couple of bits of cotton wool that seemed to be all there was there before.

So it's been noisy, dusty, messy and chaotic. And the cats - most of the cats - have hated it. Sid has taken refuge on my windowsill and stares out at the world, trying to pretend it's just not happening though his ears flick wildly backwards and forwards at every thud bang or clatter.

Princess Flora the Floozie if wildly indignant at such things going on in her house, and she has taken herself off to the garden where she has been sunbathing onthe lawn and playing chase me with her two new boyfriends, the grey tabby and the golden fluffytailed handsome prince who flirts out rageously with her.

But the one little cat who has been happy as the week was long was Dylan. The other two may hog the blog spotlight but Dylan just gets on with his own way of doing things. And one of his favourite things in life is actually having workmen in the house. He's always loved inspecting what they were doing, investigating their tools, and generally helping with things, or just keeping them company.

I think he also loves to get strokes - which he does, a lot. Perhaps it's because he's small and he only has one eye that works, and that wins their sympathy. And I'm sure it's because these guys have big hands that can deliver great strokes all the way down a little furry grey body. But he loves it- and he gets a lot of fuss.

So he's had a very happy week, going from room to room, getting a new set of strokes here, a rub behind the ears there.

He has even set himself to investigating the various vans that have been parked outside the house, filled with interesting boxes and tool kits and cloths . . . so much so that twice now the builders have set off home, only to have to return because they have a small grey tabby curled up in the back of the van.

Sorry Dylan - the repairs and renovations are all done now. And the vans have left for the last time - thankfully without you in them!


Caroline said...

Ahh poor Dylan. Tell him I'm sending lots of cyber stokes and hugs. Caroline x

Jan Jones said...

Ah, bless his little heart.

And maybe that will teach builders NOT to leave their van doors open all the time.

Lacey Devlin said...

I love that the builders have had to come back lol! Bless him :)


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