Thursday, September 02, 2010

Finally . . .

I'm sorry about the delay - the demands on my time just don't get any less - but I finally - finally! - have a winner for the suggestion of a name for my monthly column next year. I know I posted the contest back on August 15th but I needed to chat with the editors of the site to see what they thought of a name for the column and they agreed with me so -
The winner is - Laney with A Date With Kate
Laney came up with so many suggestions that I'm going to file them away for future reference!
(At this stage, I can't guarantee that this is exactly what the column will be called but it's our favourite at the moment.)

So Laney wins a prize - but - as no one entered the other mini-contest where I asked which of my books opens in York with the heroine leading the Ghost Walk ( the answer was The Duke's Secret Wife) I have spare prizes to give away. So to thank everyone else who came up with a suggestion for the name of the column, I'm giving away a prize of a backlist book to all of them too.

So- Laney

Please all contact me (kate AT ) with your postal address and choice of books from this list:

At the Sheikh's Command
Bedded By The Greek Billionaire
Cordero's Forced Bride
The Konstantos Marriage Demand
Kept for Her Baby
Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife
The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife.

And I'll organise your prizes. It might be after I get back from the NAWG Festival of Writing but I'll get straight to it after that.

Oh yes - and because some of you have been asking - now that it's September, The Good Greek Wife? is available early on eHarlequin as a print book as well as an ebook - details are here
It's in the shops on October 12th


Ally said...

Oh I like that! A Date with Kate. Has a nice ring to it.

Laney4 said...

Thanks so much, Kate. My email was just sent to you.

One of the things that I love about your books is that I find them quick reads. I sit down and read faster and faster, not missing a word, pushing on till I get to the end of the book, usually in one or two sittings. I can't say that about most books, as many books go on and on and on, and I wonder if I'll ever get to the end. With all of your books I have read recently (because I never kept track before blogging last summer), I have noticed that I can't wait to turn the page to see what's happening next. In fact, last week I finished one in the morning and knew -- yes, I just knew -- I had to read another one of yours that same day, rather than one of the other hundreds of books in my TBR pile. And your book didn't disappoint.

Thank you for providing such great reading material, and thank you for providing many MANY sweet dreams, as I am still dreaming of Malik (AT THE SHEIK'S COMMAND)....

Lara said...

Thank You X


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