Monday, September 06, 2010

New Voices and Pink Hearts

I'm back - but as always when I've been away I'm rushing about catching up with things. 'Exciting' things like washing and accounts . . .

So my blog today is one I prepared earlier over on the Pink Heart Society blog where I'm talking about inspiration in the shape of the lovely David Morrissey.

And as it's September 6th - the M&B New Voices contest opens today and the new site is up here.

So while I catch up here, why don't you go and catch up there? You'll find there are entries starting to appear, notes from editors, and a video of M&B authors discussing their favourite romantic books, heroes and films.
Note to the winners of the name my new column contest - your prizes have gone in the mail to you. But I think a couple of you haven't yet replied so please tell me which prize book you want.

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