Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good news

A special thank you to everyone who commented on my post about the New Voices yesterday. I was really just thinking aloud but I'm thrilled that it touched a chord in so many of you. One of the things I truly believe about this writing business is that any writer who forgets what it felt like to be at the beginning of things, nervous about sending in a submission, and struggling to deal with rejection, is one who risks becoming complacent and complacency risks putting you on the slippery slope to failure - or, worse, selling your readers short.

And yes - as several other published writers also commented ( thank you Michelle and Phillipa) the blood sweat and tears that go into writing very rarely disappear even after one, two, three . . . fifty eight published titles. And much as I sometimes wish they would, there's another part of me that acknowledges that the blood sweat and tears - and the fear of rejection - is what keep me on my toes, hopefully keeps an edge on my writing and stops me from selling short - because I'd hate to disappoint my readers.

And now for the good news.

Every now and then a short search of the internet book stores etc reveals things I don't know are happening - books I didn't know about or, even better, good news I wasn't aware of.

So yesterday's trip around the web sites that sell my books brought an unexpected collection of news for me.

For a start there are some reprints coming up that I had no idea about:

Mediterranean Tycoons: Alpha Collection - with Michelle Reid and Sarah Morgan. That's in February 2011. And your guess is as good as mine about which book is in this collection - but what great company to be in.

Then in May there's:
One Night in Madrid with Jennie Lucas and Diana Hamilton - no idea what book of mine is in this collection but it's obviously one with a Spanish hero. . . or is it one with a Spanish heroine ?

Another book I knew was coming but didn't have a date for yet is the 3rd edition of the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance- and I now find that that's listed on Amazon too, with a definite date for its publication. It's still at the same price but now it will be published by Aber Publishing, no longer Studymates.

But the biggest and best piece of news was when I went over to the Mills & Boon web site, looking for copies of my July book The Good Greek Wife? so that I could direct a reader who has been hunting for a copy to the site. Imagine my surprise - and delight when I found that the reason she's been having difficulty finding this book is that it's officially sold out and there is now only the ebook version available. I checked with my editor and it's tue - the print editon is totally sold out. That's just made my day.

Obviously it hasn't made my reader's day but it is still around on Amazon and - I think - the Book Depository if you're still hunting for it. And for the American readers it will soon be out - 19 days from now - in Presents EXTRA so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it.


Caroline said...

So please GGW sold out - I loved it! Here's to it selling out in the US as well. Caroline x p.s sorry not to be able to make Fishguard next Feb but there's a big family do going on that weekend - which dippy slippers (me!) forgot all about of course.

Sandra Schwab said...

There's only one copy of The Good Greek Wife? left on - I've just ordered the other one. :)

Phillipa said...

Congrats on your reprints and sell outs, Kate and have a very happy weekend. P x


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