Thursday, August 25, 2011

Charlie's Diary - Party Time!

Hello! It's been a while since I wrote my diary - but I've been having too much fun to bother with words. My Mum does the words - I do the  eating, the running, the climbing of trees, the eating, the chasing Flora round the garden,  the pouncing, the purring, the cuddling - oh, and did I mention the eating?   I love eating.

I love living here.   I've been here 8 months and it's great! It's my forever home and I want to stay here for ever.  Sadly we lost Old Dylan since I came, but Flora the Floozie is good fun to play with.  I chase her round the garden. She says she doesn't like it but she still joins in.   Sir Sidney, the Alpha cat is a bit elderly now  and so he just snoozes most of the time(though he likes eating too!)  but he's a great guy and we have long times when we sit together and I learn stuff from him. He's teaching me how to pick the prizewinners  for my Mum's contests - says it's a skill I'll need for the future. I don't mind - it involves cat treats,  so that's OK with me. I love eating!

Today is a special day - it's my birthday! I am ONE!  My Dad says I'm a right one and that's a fact. Anyhoo, today I am one year old.  And I'm celebrating. I've already had a birthday breakfast - I had chicken and so did Flora.  Sir Sid had turkey in sauce cos his mouth's a bit sore these days but he let me lick his plate I know it was good.    The chicken was good.  And the salmon that's for my tea will be good. And the cat treats  and the cat sticks will be good.  I love eating!

I'm having a party with my cousins - the cats who live with The Offspring - and we're going to have good things to eat.  I love . . . Oh, I already said that didn't I?

Anyway, Mum says we should do a round-up - I thought that was herding cows  but what she means is we should post some pics of me so you can see how I've grown and how handsome  I am.  Cos I am handsome and Blackie, Big Daisy and all the other girls in the neighbourhood say I am. So here are some pics of me growing up.  I was cute to start with, but now I'm dead handsome!

So - we're partying and my Mum says that means we can give away  some stuff.  That worried me I thought she meant I had to give away some supermeat with chicken, but she says that you'd all prefer books.  (That is all except Smudge and Jazz  who own  Raven McAllan ( See comments  here )  Big purrs to you  S&J!  So that's OK. We only have a box of a dozen supermeat with chicken and I'll need that for my party! My eating party!

Now my Mum says she'll do the books thing - so that's a relief. I get to choose the winners though - and practice what Big Sid has taught  me about  getting the names right!  We're not saying anything abot  the numbers  - just wait and see how many people join in and then what books are available but I know my Mum said something about The Duke's Secret Wife being around - don't know what she's doing here but if she brings grub then that's OK!

Anyhoo, all you have to do is to post in the comments place today - I'm told that today goes on for all sorts of times in different places in the world - wierd! But anyway 25th August is my birthday, and as long as there's a 25th of August anywhere in the world you get a chance to answer and maybe win.

So just post a birthday message- and maybe tell me how you celebrated your birthday last time or will celebrate the next one coming up, and I'll put what Sid's taught me into practice.

Phew! That was a lot of words! I'm worn out - and starving! I think I need a little smackeral of something to stop my tummy rumbling.  Salmon, anyone?

Happy Birthday to me!


Kandy Shepherd said...

Charlie, you are absolutely beautiful and I wish I could give you a big hug!
(And you're very photogenic, too...)

Nas said...

Happy Birthday Charle.

In the last two photos you look like royalty!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Charlie (hope you got loads of prezzies ;o) If I may be so are one beautiful looking cat, and I think you must make your mum very proud. Caroline x

Gillian Wheatley said...

Happy, happy birthday Charlie! One is such an important age for a cat - it's almost grown up. Have a lovely day and enjoy the eating. Love Gilly

runner10 said...

Happy Birthday, Charlie!! You are stunning.
I don't celebrate my b'day anymore. Hope you enjoy your day!!

CrystalGB said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Charlie. I hope you get lots of treats today.
I celebrated my last birthday with a nice dinner and cake. :)

Elisa DeLany said...

Charlie, you handsome cat, happy birthday! You're a regular little heart-breaker, aren't you? Hope the chicken is awesome!


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