Thursday, December 22, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway winners

OK - Charlie took some persuading that he needed to pick some winners before he had his supper
- but I managed to persuade him -

So the winners are:

Jeanne M whose cat Nathan wants a knitted angel to play with!
Denise who nominated her friend Kim,
'Petite' who nominated her friend Anne who is dealing with illness.
Ann Cameron
Franca Poli
Lynn Brooks
Amanda Gardner
Mahalakshmi Chari
Gretchen Miller

There are a few more winners but Charlie has lost interest and I'll have to find Ruby instead! Hang on!!
 So Ruby has picked:
Cheryl Lang
Remya Pillai
Maia John
Mari Lou
Please send me addresses ladies!
That is the end of the 'official' number of winners - but as it's Christmas I have let Ruby choose one
special person who needs an extra treat this Christmas - and she has picked  a lady nominated by your friend Gillian on Facebook.  I think she's made a good choice as this lady has  had a some sad times this year.  A gift package has gone out to her.

I think I’ve contacted everyone to ask for an address-  but if you haven’t yet been in touch with me, then  please email me - katewalker at to send me your postal addresses ladies!
If you're on Facebook please contact me with your postal address

Some winners were on Tote Bags N Blogs so I'll contact them direct

Ruby and Charlie would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and  holiday time - with love peace and joy to come in  2017

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