Friday, December 16, 2016

12 Days of Christmas - partway there!

Well,  I think I was rather over optimistic  to think that I would be able to get caught up, wrap all the gifts and put them in the mail, write and post the cards. . . .

And run the 12 Days of Christmas!!

OK so some of this got done - there are parcels on their way to people - and there are cards out there in the mail system too! But unfortunately I've found that this wretched back injury is taking longer to heal up that I had hoped for - and wished for.

But not to worry,   Charlie has  decided that we can get some names out of the hat (or in his case out of the  cat treats selection!)  so that these can get on their way - and you still have the weekend to post a comment and   be in with a chance of winning if you haven't already had your name chosen this time.

So this is how it works - here is the bundle of books  in the giveaway

And here is the bundle of angels - knitted ones and glass ones - that are the extra gifts in the giveaway.

And here is Charlie   ready to pick the names from those who have entered already!

Each of the books has a number on the back - from 1 to 12 and as Charlie picks names they will be assigned  a book - #1 for the first  #2 the second, and so on.

So I'm off to get the Maine man to do his job and will post some winners' names as soon as I know them.

And as I said, if you didn't win  yet or if you haven't entered and want to be in with a chance then past a comment here - and share the giveaway with your friends - or post on my blog as well.

Back soon! 

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