Friday, December 23, 2016

Giveaway books

    Giveaway books have gone out to all the winners who have sent me their addresses. Obviously (sadly) I can't guarantee them reaching anyone by Christmas Day but they will be heading your way just as fast as the postal service organises it. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment and joined in.

    And the good news is that, yes, my sprained back is a lot better! It feels wonderful to be able to move around more easily at last.

    The Babe Magnet's brother has gone home now - it was rather a confusing time for Ruby as she couldn't quite tell the two of them apart! She enjoyed sharing Andy's bed with him, though! Now she's back cuddling up to us again until the spare bed is occupied again - there will be more visitors in the week after Christmas. Great to have dear friends close enough to visit when they have been on the opposite side of the world for years. I'm sure Ruby will make them as welcome as she did the Magnet's brother - we had to check that his luggage wasn't purring as he left!

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