Monday, March 29, 2010


I've just discovered that Harlequin are bringing out a couple of my backlist books as new ebook. Which is rather nice. And unexpected. I wouldn't have known anything about them if I hadn't needed to check something on and found the details there arranged by publication date.
The books in question are:

Gorgeous Greek tycoon Damon Nicolaides is always in the when the paparazzi get a tip-off about his new mistress, they come banging on her door!
Actually, Sarah and Damon were married a year ago! Sarah left him, thinking their marriage was a lie. Now Damon's come back to claim the wife he truly loves. But first he must protect her from the press by pretending that Sarah is merely his mistress...and to do that, he tells her, they'll have to make their love affair real!

Jake Taverner has never wanted a woman as he wants Mercedes Alcolar. So when she rejects him, Jake's hurt pride demands revenge!
Jake traps Mercedes into a fake engagement as he embarks on a skillful seduction. She'll share his bed for one passionate month, bound to him by blackmail....

Not quite sure why they've chosen these two to republish now. But it's good to see both of them back again - though if you have The Alcolar Family Trilogy bundle, then you'll already have Bound By Blackmail.
Hopefully this means that for those of you who buy your books now in ebook format, this will be a great way to collect backlist titles.

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susanwilson44 said...

Hi Kate,
Great to know you're getting books republished, but it sounds a bit strange - surely they have to ask your permission to republish? Or have the courtesy to let you know? It's seems extraordinary that you found out via Amazon!


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