Friday, March 05, 2010

Making my day 2

To celebrate the USA publication day of The Konstantos Marriage Demand - coming up on March 16th in Presents EXTRA - I'm running an extra contest together with lovely Leena Hyat over on My Tote Bag.

You can win a signed copy of one of my backlist books and one of my tote bags together with one of my brand-new special 25th Anniversary celebration pens.

You'll find the contest here

And talking of those pens - for USA readers Lee is running a special giveaway from her Goodie Room where if you send her send a stiff or padded self-addressed envelope with at least $1.49 postage. She'll send you one of the pens and my special bookmarks.
Send your request to-
Lee Hyat - Kate Walker Goodies
12819 SE 38th St. #243
Bellevue, WA 98006

UK readers, I'll try to organise something for you once my delivery of the pens arrives - watch this space!

On the subject of The Konstantos Marriage Demand, this morning I received a copy of a fabulous review for this book from Larissa at We Write Romance. She gave it 4 out of 4 stars (she wanted to give it 5 but they don't go up to 5 stars!) and it has started me smiling early today -

Kate Walker's latest is brilliant! Devastatingly emotional, intense and fast-paced, The Konstantos Marriage Demand leads you down the fairytale path in reverse!

Once upon a time, Sadie Carteret had it all. She'd fallen in love with a beautiful prince charming and they were set to be married. Then reality set in and she realized that he'd used her as a pawn in an age-old feud between their families! But what Sadie didn't know was that Nikos Konstantos wasn't really the man her father had portrayed him—and she should have followed her heart. Instead she allowed herself to be used by her father to destroy Nikos.
In the end the laugh was on them, though, because Nikos didn't take it lying down. He built back up his empire and systematically tore apart Sadie's family fortune until there was nothing left.

What Nikos Konstantos hadn't counted on when he'd been pulling that last rug out from under Sadie's feet was her love for her mother and younger brother. She'd do anything to keep them from harm...even if that meant facing the devil himself. So when the opportunity for a little more personal revenge presented itself, Nikos took it. He arranged for them to spend time together away from the demands of outside influences. What they found was each other and the love they'd never really lost.

There are many books released from Presents each month, but by far this is one you must pick up. It's a twist from the meet, fall in lust, fall in love type stories out there. This one is most definitely more intense. And while each character is flawed, they are perfectly written to make you want to see them succeed and come together. I must say that Ms. Walker certainly gets better and better with each new book!

Thank you so much Larissa!
When you're fighting with a book that has been difficult to really get going, that sort of review is a wonderful boost. Pietro D'Inzeo had better watch out today. I'm planning on wrestling him into submission!

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Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on another great review Kate :)


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