Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pink Heart Society

It's a busy (Busy? It's crazy!) month for me - I'm going to be dashng arund here there and everywhere like a Mad March Hare.

Because I have a new book out it seems that everyone wants me to blog with them. But today I'm in one of my regular spots - over on the Pink Heart Society Blog where I'm talking about what I'm reading . . or not!

See you there!

Over on I heart Presents there's an interesting survey where you can vote for your favourite hero nationality. The last time I looked, the Brooding Brits were in the lead - which suits me fine! Specially with the book I have coming up . . . .

I'd love to know who you would vote for. Do let me know your choices.

Oh - and there's a great article here about the titles of romance novels - and we all know how we feel about some of those! It's by Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and it's in answer to another article here which really rather states the obvious. As Sarah points out.

More birthday wishes - today is the birthday of a very special lady who helps me so much with publicity but, more important, has become a dear friend. She's Leena Hyat from Author Sound Relations

Happy Birthday Lee!

1 comment:

Diane said...

Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by and saying hello. I've been here every day since I got back from Fishguard, but you've been so busy I was waiting for the dust to settle before bothering you. I see you're still dashing around in a whirlwind of activity, though.

It was lovely to meet you at last, and the babe magnet, and I had a great time in Wales. Still thinking about Caerleon as I may instead be researching a few articles while holidaying in a yurt ...


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