Sunday, August 26, 2007

Catching up - and the Blog Party one last time

Well, I suppose it was inevitable. You know how it is when you've had a wonderful party and you finally get all the tidying up done. The ballons have withered and the flowers faded, the food is all eaten and the wine has been drunk - and you've picked up all the wrapping paper and ribbons and the gift tags and tried to make sure you remember who gave what . . . and then under the table or behind the settee or in a box you thought was rubbish, you find on last little gift that you'd manage to miss all this time.

And that's what happened this week. As I sorted out things and organised the last distribution of prizes from the Great Big Blog Party, I realised that there was one final giveaway that had not been given away.

I know what happened. When I said that I would write some Writers' Holiday at Caerleon specials to round up the Blog Party, I originally had two books from writers and tutors at Caerleon to go with those posts. Books by Zoe Sharp (First Drop) and an extra novel by Jane Wenham-Jones (Perfect Alibis) . Then the lovely Jane Jackson said that she wanted to join in too and she wrote a blog post and gave away her book Dangerous Waters. And in the final Caerleon post I rounded off the Blog Party with copies of The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge and Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride.
Spot the not- so -deliberate mistake? Jane W-H's book was never given away. And that's what I found this week, complete with the 'Greetings From Caerleon' message where she signed it for that Caerleon Special.

Well, this is a book that was meant to be given away - so, although the Blog Party is over, I need to organise a winner to receive this book. So I'm offering it as a final, very last Blog Party Prize - and all you have to do to be in the running for it is to leave me a message in the Comments section telling me what you liked best about the Great Big Blog Party - all 60 posts of it! Did you have a favourite visitor - a favourite post? What did you most enjoy about the party? If I have another one will you come again?

Leave a message and I'll get Sid to pick a winner in the usual fashion and you could end up with a copy of Perfect Alibis to go on your To Be Read Pile.

And talking of celebrations. Remember the real Writers' Weekend to celebrate the 50th title when my lovely, wonderful friends gave me flowers galore to celebrate - well, I just had to share this with you . .

Here (on the left of the picture) is a little patio rose bush that dear Jan Jones gave me back in June. I brought it home, found a larger pot to put it in and put it in my garden. This week I was checking on it after the rain and more rain and a little sun and more rain - and I found that it now looks like this -->

And guess how many flowers there are on this bush now - 50 - some in full bloom, some part open and some just buds - but there are 50 of them! That's really rather special.

So Thank you again Jan - your rose bush is looking wonderful.

And finally, for the fans of the Hecks, the hedgehog family. They are all doing well, in spite of the cold evenings and the rain. They were round visiting last night, looking for cat crunchies or cast-off cat meat. So I'll leave you with a picture of Middle Heck - who has grown over the summer in to Pretty Great Heck.


Nathalie said...

It was a great blog party... thanx for hosting it! and I have to say the flowers look great :)

jenna said...

The blog party was something special and unique but I loved hearing about your travel experience to Caerleon with other authors that made a difference in your life. Your blog party was memorable and I will definitely visit if you plan another one.

Kimberly L said...

It was great to get to hear about so many authors books and learn a little bit more about them. This was one of the best blog party's ever. Thanks for letting us stop by and share it with you.

ilona said...

How fortuitous that the rosebush has 50 roses on it now :D

Personally I loved all the entries in your blog party and will most certainly visit again if you have a party for the 75th book (wil even be looking forward to reading the book too :D).

My favourite entries however were those that told us more about you and how your influence helped other authors :)

lidia said...

Great party Kate! I was surprised that it lasted so long.

The best part for me was reading the posts by the authors. It felt like got an opportunity to "meet" them and find out how they think.

Each day was a surprise in many ways.

Thanks again for hosting such a fun time!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

All of the guest bloggers were super during your blog party!!! I've had a great time getting to know some authors I hadn't *met* yet. :D

I will visit whether you have a blog party or not because you're near and dear to my heart!!!

Happy Monday, dear Kate!!!

Hugs, JJ/Blue

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be at the next blog party being there is one.
I love hearing about and from other authors and the prizes are an added incentive, lol.


sabrina said...

Thanks for a wonderful blog party which was unforgettable. I enjoyed learning about the many and varied authors whose books I now know about. Taking part in this party was fun and interesting and it will be a pleasure to partake again.

ruth said...

A lovely blog party which was the ultimate. Always like to meet new authors and learn about new places that you have visited and see the delightful pics that you come back with. Thanks for the fun.

Biddy said...

It was a lovely blog party! Thank you very much for holding it and letting me take part.

I loved hearing all the stories about how people know you and how you have influenced them.

Anne McAllister said...

I loved the whole party, Kate -- especially since I missed the "in the flesh" one. What I liked especially was meeting all your friends here and getting to know new authors and learn about their books. I also learned a new way to paragraph -- the Hecks' "nevertheless" works remarkably well when paragraphing is, um, hit and miss. I liked reading the comments to my blog post -- and getting great ideas for our next Irish houseparty (I want Jenny Haddon's guest list, please, and Hugh-in-a-towel, of course.)

Thank you!


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