Sunday, August 05, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 52 Samantha Storm - or maybe Chaoscat!

I've never actually met Samantha Storm - or even Chaoscat - but in her (their?) alter ego as Cat Brown the owner and manager of the highly successful romance web site Romance Junkies, I have worked with her for several years. Ever since her email dropped into my inbox telling me that she was establishing RJs and asking if I would like to join her and the site in any contests, publicity etc.

Since then we've worked together in many ways. I've sent her my books to review, she set up an Author Spotlight on me when The Alcolar Family Trilogy came out, and I've joined in on many of the contests she runs. And when Chaoscat turns her hand to a RJ contest, it's a big, colourful - and hugely popular event. The graphics just for the multi-author contests are always great fun, marking Christmas or Halloween, or Summer - what ever reason there is for her to be running it. She's efficient, fun and so easy to work with - and she's always coming up with great ideas for the site and those contests.

But Chaoscat is only one side of Cat's talents - as Samantha Storm, she is also a writer, with her spicy, often paranormal stories published by New Concepts epublishing. Her love of mysteries and everything paranormal keeps her at the keyboard, combining the two in her own stories. Fallen Angel Reviews described her title 'Eye of the Storm' - which is the prize she (as Samantha Storm) is giving away as:

" . . .absorbing. Ms. Storm has constructed a plot filled with action, packed with the supernatural, heavy with sexual chemistry, and supplemented with a few surprises that will keep readers on their toes. As such, readers will be hard-pressed to avoid being quickly pulled into this conspiracy right along with Katlin and Ryker. "

So here's both Chaoscat and Samantha Storm

Kate asked me to if I would be a part of her 50th book blog celebration and I was thrilled to be included. But honestly I am not sure who she invited since I have dual personalities-- some days I am Chaoscat owner/operator of Romance Junkies and other days I am Samantha Storm, author with New Concepts.

I guess I should just assume she invited both of us ;-) As Chaoscat I deal with a lot of authors, but I have to tell you Kate Walker is on my top ten list. She is always gracious with her time, engaging in her emails and she is forever ready and willing to jump in and participate in whatever we have going on. She is honestly a dream author to work with.

As a writer I am in awe of her recent accomplishment. Fifty books. The sheer number just amazes me and gives me something to aspire towards. Okay, this moment really needs a toast of some sort. So, Ms. Walker, I am raising a cyber glass of champagne your way. "Kate, congratulations on such a mind blowing accomplishment!"

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: On those bad days, when everything seems to go wrong, what do you do to get yourself out of the 'dark cloud over my head funk'?

GIVEAWAY PRIZE - Chaoscat is giving away a package with a four reads from the RJ book vault.

Samantha Storm is giving away a print copy of Eye of the Storm.



Ayla said...

If someone could tell me i'll be eternally grateful!! kidding, a little.

To be honest i usually chat to my fiance, he guarentee's to get me out of any mood. its just a pity he's in work today when i need him to come help me write my novel =)

Anne McAllister said...
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Anne McAllister said...

You mean, besides chocolate?

I was going to say that gazing at Hugh in a towel was guaranteed to put me in a better frame of mind (and indeed it always does).

But before Hugh in a towel, and even alongside Hugh in a towel (because let's face it, how long can you gaze and gaze and gaze and ... well, a long time admittedly), I read books.

Getting out of my world and my funk and jumping into an alternative reality, one that can make me smile or laugh or even cry, always changes my perspective. I think that's one of the greatest gifts of reading books (and writing them) -- the opportunity to step away from my own world, my own cares and funks, and for a few minutes or, better, for a few hours, get totally away in the pages of a book.

Virginia said...

To get myself out of a slump I have to stay busy. I will either start a quilt or pick up a good book. It depends on the mood and the slump I am in. Reading is always relaxing and you can totally get lost in a book.

ilona said...

I give the kids a VERY hard time (just ask Ayla ;))It might make them feel miserable but I feel better *just kidding*
As an alternative I read an old favourite off my keeper shelf - usually something by Mercedes Lackey or Anne McCaffrey :)

Anonymous said...

Storming on this end, but finally lightened up enough to let me on the computer.;-) I live in Arizona and this is the month we get most of our weather. It's monsoon season here if you can believe it.

Anne -- Yeah Hugh in a towel always puts me in a better frame of mind.

If it's been a really bad day I usually put in a 'feel good' movie or (like ilona) I grab a old favorite book. But let's not forget the ice cream -- I drown my sorrows in ben and jerrys. ;-) Not so great for my waistline, but differently helps my mood. ;-)

Samantha Storm

Maya Reynolds said...

That's an easy one for me. I head outside to my yard and pull weeds, prune bushes or spray/fertilize the roses.

Working outdoors is great therapy for me. I let my mind wander and just focus on the pleasure of being outside and moving my body.

That's also my solution to plotting problems. My neighbors have long since grown accustomed to watching me talking to myself (or to my characters) while I work outside. {grin}

Sue A. said...

I like to watch a good comedy on DVD to lighten the day. Of course some days you just want to wallow in your misery so then a good tragedy is in order.

When all else fails go to bed early and hopefully you'll wake up on the right side of the bed the next day in a better mood.

Jaye said...

Exercise is good. Make you focus and gets those "feel good" endorphins flooding your system.

A good book is another choice. Particularly, nothing beats a good romance for sheer emotion and satisfaction of the HEA.

An entertaining movie. Escapism. Nothing like it. lol.

Lastly, anything that makes me laugh. Usually this involves one of my friends who I can count on to say something outrageous. But, again, a funny show/movie will hit the spot, also.

Anonymous said...

What do I watch when in funk? Here are some of my favorites:
Dark Angel Series
Working Girl
Jumping Jack Flash
Thin Man Detective Series
13th Warrior
The Natural
Playing by Heart

What's on your movie list of old favorites?

Samantha Storm

Stacy S said...

Reading a good book puts me in a better mood. Or just getting some quiet time away from everyone.

peggy said...

i like to be by myself for a while
soak in a nice hot bubble bath.
maybe even feel sorry for my self.
then go with friends and play a
little bingo.with some luck i might
even win.

Marie Harte said...

Typically, a hidden stash of chocolate will kill the bad mood. That or I convince myself to think positively, trying really really hard to think "half full" so I don't ducktape my kids to the ceiling.

Just wanted to say hi, and congrats to Kate on her 50th book. Also to Chaoscat/Samantha Storm...great site at RJ, and awesome books. Keep 'em coming!

Oh, and don't bother entering me in the contest. I already possess my own SIGNED copy of Eye of the Storm.:)

Marie (Harte)

Jaye said...

I'm totally blanking on movies, right now, but last week-end I watched Singing In The Rain again for the first time in years, such great little movie. I plan to see the latest Bourne movie (loved the first 2!) At the mo' I'm slumped on the sofa watching the first Jurassic Park movie, again another movie that has stood the test of time. A couple of months ago I did a little marathon with Pride & Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Jane Eyre.

Jaye said...

Oh, crap! Shows how spacey I am. :-P

Congratulations on your 50th release Kate!! :-D

Annie West said...

Hi Samantha, lovely to see you (the two of you?) here.

To get out of a funk...a good book and chocolate or a good laugh with friends. I think the latter is probably the best of all!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 50th book, Kate! Hi Samantha!

Hmmm, to get out of a bad mood, watching a favorite movie is definitely way up there on my things to do. Hugh in a towel is definitely up there, although, I’d probably opt for Gerard Butler in a towel. He’s my fave. LOL

List of favorite movies:

The Holiday
Working Girl
The Wedding Date
Any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies – gotta have me some Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. =)

Anara Bella

robynl said...

Laughter will get me out of the funk, at least for awhile. I like comedy in movies, books or on TV.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Samantha! Congratulations on the RJ site. It's great. Like Anne M, my favorite escape is always a good book and if life is REALLY going wrong, an old favorite is my choice. There are two books that never fail to put a smile on my face. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase and A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson. Both of them are sunshine on paper.

Anna x

Dena said...

Hi Samantha, It's really great to see you here.I love visiting Romance Junkies,it's always got something interesting to check out.Also like Kate mentioned the contests you put together are so big and fun.
To get in a better mood it depends on the time of the day.If it's not too late I'll call my bestfriend for a pick me up. If it's later I'll put a cold cloth over my eyes for 10-15 minutes then pick up my current book and escape to another life.Like others chocolate or ice cream or both,lol,is always a good mood changer for me.

Phyllis said...

I'm late but glad to be here. Hi Kate, Hi Samantha

jenna said...

The most effective method for me is to excercise for a good hour or more. It elevates my mood and improves my outlook every time. I feel so much more productive and cheerful afterwards.

sabrina said...

Since I am a chef I cook and bake up a storm for my family. They appreciate my efforts and I can always improve my repertoire and learn from these energetic spurts.

ellie said...

My favorite way of dealing with this is taking a long walk outside and gazing at the gorgeous vista where I live. The mountains and the blue skies always restore my equilibrium.

annie said...

I meet with a friend and we walk for miles. We chat and then go for a tea. This activity which seems so simple does the trick. I can function once again and feel like I can handle anything.

joelle said...

I hike on the trails close to my home with my dog. The beauty of the area, the sunshine and the deep blue skies puts me in a good mood. I think that being outside is extremely beneficial and necessary to our health.

Phyllis said...

I lay down and either sleep or read to get rid of that funk. Many times I will call a friend and she will get me out of funky mood. It does not take much, then I am laughing like a loon.

I also love to watch old movies and am currently tryng to find MADAME X on DVD. It stars Lana Turner and John Forsythe.

Anonymous said...

Hmm totally forgot about chocolate and bubble baths. Two favorites of mine. ;-)

Samantha Storm aka Chaoscat

jennybrat said...

Huddle in bed and read a good romance!

sharon said...

I lose myself within the pages of a wonderful novel. This enables me to accomplish all the objectives that I have set for myself. I fell better, fulfilled and energetic as well.

KimW said...

I usually try to talk it out with my husband. He's such a positive person and it's amazing what he comes up with. lol Or, sadly, I take a nap so I don't think about it. I have no problem sleeping and things seem better when I wake up.

Nathalie said...

To get out of this bad day cloud, I do something a bit strange... I open the TV and watch the news. After 5 minutes of listening about everything that is happening around the world, which is ususally quite depressing, I tell myself that my day is not that bad, comparing it to what I have just seen... and then, everything just seems fine and I end up having quite a nice day!

ChristyJan said...

I try and think about something other than myself ~ I bake cookies to take to my parents and send to my Son. I write a letter to my granddaughter. I clean out my husbands closet. And, if none of that works, I fix myself a cup of tea and sit and read a good book.

CrystalG said...

I like to put on some upbeat music to listen to while I bake a decadent dessert. After my mood lightens, I will curl up with a good book.

anne said...

Each morning I feel I must do some sort of physical activity, either a substantial walk out on a path near our home or a good workout routine at the gym. The activity contributes to my well being in so many ways and I know that I have to or I can get really down at times. This helps prevent the blues.

mammakim said...

I like to settle down with a good book after a terrible day with some chips and dip and lose myself in the book. it is so relaxing to chill out with a great book

Cherie J said...

I usually call up my twin sister. She knows me so well that she knows the right words to say. I always feel better after talking to her. Sometimes I will treat myself to some chocolate as well if it has been an extra awful day to give me an extra pick me up.

pearl said...

An activity that expends energy, like a bike ride first thing in the morning or an early morning swim. Then getting back home and having a tea with a good book is the best combo. At night a lovely romantic film would be ideal.


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