Monday, August 13, 2007

A Kate bit - dashing in and out

Later today, as promised, I'll be writing some reports of my week in Caerleon and bringing you some extra Guest Bloggers who were there with me in Wales. But first I have to go and have my hair cut so that I can look vaguely presentable for the Write Away course that starts on Friday.

But I just wanted to say two things - one is a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful friend Anne McAllister.

Why don't you all go and wish her a happy day on her blog. She's still asleep so it will be a great surprise for her when she wakes up.

And secondly - over on the Pink Heart Society (where very soon my first official column will appear) Ally Blake is singing the praises of Brendan Fraser in today's inspiring Male on Monday.

I have to agree with her choice - Mr Fraser was definitely inspiring to me when I was writing my Greek Tycoon Andreas for The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife . The actual inspiration (for me) is a pic that hasn't appeared in Ally's post - so I'll remedy that omission and remind you that when you're reading

< - this

And you get to the swimming pool scenes, you should be imagining this . . . .->


Rachel said...

Oh wow! That's done it for me this morning Kate,(swoons)! What a yummy pic. I just KNOW I'm going to love your gorgeous new Greek now!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a coincidence. There's a pool scene on my blog but yours is most delish!!!

Wild wave to Kate, who heats me up in the morning with her heroes. :D


Hugs, JJ

Anne McAllister said...

Thanks to all the people who are showing up on my blog to wish me a happy birthday! Lovely to have you visit. And thanks for the good wishes. And Kate, you have a big mouth -- or pen -- or fingers that type things -- or something!

And as I said to Ally on the Pink Heart, name a hero Brendan and I'll follow him anywhere. Doesn't matter if it's Brendan Fraser or not.


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