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Great Big Blog Party 54 - Lee Hyat

Today's guest blogger is a very special cyber friend - sadly, I've never yet me Lee Hyat in person. But we've known each other for . . .Oh, since Constantine's Revenge was published - and that came out in 2000 so that makes it seven years.

My first 'meeting' with Lee was through a message in a guestbook that I had on my very first web site. She visited, signed her name, and left me a lovely message. I responded and thanked her for dropping by.I'm so glad that I did because we've been together - working on web sites etc at first and later as friends - ever since.

Lee has been involved in romance writing and reading all the time I've known her and she's one of the most active and busy people on the internet that I've ever known. I've lost count of the number of web sites she's worked with, the reviews she's written, the message boards she's moderated. I do remember that one of them was called The Best Reviews - and that just about summed it up. Lee's read so many romances, so she always has a knowledgeable opinion on what she reads - and if she loves something she says so. It's an honour to get a positive review from her because she knows so much and has read so much.

Over the years, she's done interviews with me too and she always asks great questions - the sort of thing I'd want to ask an author myself if I was interviewing someone. Lee's worked on lots of web sites but now she's reached a point where she's set up her own set of sites and she manages those. If you're interested in Romance and want to read more about it - check out My Tote Bag - and if you'd like to get some freebies from authors and collect them, check out Leena's Goodie Room too. You can get your hands on Kate Walker bookmarks and pens that way if you do.

Because that's the other reason Lee's so valuable in my life. She's always there as a friend to chat about books and writers and life in general - but she's also a great back-up to me as an author. Living in the UK, I used to have problems getting things like bookmarks designed, printed - and distributed in America - it took time I didn't have and I am not skilled in design or anything like. But through her company Author Sound Relations, Lee comes to my rescue there. She designs and organises what I need, she distributes them to conferences etc - and I could never have managed to Great Big 50th title Contest that I mentioned in my last post without Lee's help. Just check out the wonderful Spotlight page she made for me - and then she deals with the entries, posts prizes out to the winners . . . and leaves me free to do what I'm supposed to be doing - writing.

Thank you for everything Lee - for your brilliant assistance with my publicity, for your friendship over the years, and for the love of my books that rbought us together. I hope one day we'll finally meet face to face and no longer been just cyber friends.

So here's Lee Hyat

Thank you, Kate, for inviting me to blog on your site. I’m delighted to be a part of your 50th book celebrations! I’m sure everyone’s been enjoying the celebrations with you and you’ve probably been looking back on your marvellous journey, feeling quite satisfied with this great achievement.

The word FIFTY takes on a bigger, more colourful dimension when one looks over all 50 gorgeous covers for Kate’s books, don’t you all agree? It’s like having all the colours of a beautiful rainbow on your bookshelf… delighting the senses and stirring the emotions. I’ve spent quite some time at Kate’s website this past month, reading all the summaries and making a list of the still-elusive Kate Walker books I need to get my hands on.

I know Kate’s mentioned it before in one of her posts but I’m going to repeat it anyway… Kate and I met several years ago when we both happened to discover, quite by chance, each other’s websites on the same day, at almost the same time. We had a good laugh over the coincidence later but it was sort of weird at the time. Like one of those wonderful incidents that hits home with a sense of déjà vu. I think we both knew that day we were destined to get to know each other better. And we did.

Her warmth, fantastic talent and caring attitude has been a great source of inspiration over the years. I think what I respect and admire most about Kate – aside from the fantastic novels she writes…. CONSTANTINE’S REVENGE being one of my all time favorites! – is that she takes the time to inspire aspiring writers and supports them in their achievements so enthusiastically. She always gives back 150% of what she gets. I don’t know quite how she finds the time to do all that she does but she’s brilliant at it.

Kate’s had several exciting events happening lately and I know, like me, lots of people have been checking out the books and summaries on her website. I’d love to know which cover(s) from Kate’s books are your favorites. I’m personally leaning towards all the older UK covers because they’re the colorful ones (before they all became blue), reminding me of the rainbow and in terms of titles, I adore the cover for HOSTAGE BRIDE and … of course…. CONSTANTINE’S REVENGE! So please, if you read this, let me know which cover(s) appeal to you. We all know the stories are fantastic and it’s more difficult to decide with those so I’m making it easy --- just mention the titles featuring the best covers. I’m going to ask Kate to let the marvelous Sid pick a winner from the comments and I’ll send the winner a goodie package with a few good Harlequin Presents novels.

Kate, I’ve enjoyed so many of your books and I’m absolutely thrilled to see you celebrate the 50th one! My heartiest congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading many many more from you in the years ahead!

Which boks of Kate's do you think have your favourite covers? Which ones do you like the best?
A My Tote Bag goodie package with some great Harlequin Presents novels.
PS From Kate - What a great idea, Lee - I'm so looking forward to the answers to this one. I'd love to know which of my covers you all like best.
For my self, I'd have to agree with Lee that the coer of Constantine's Revenge is wonderful - and I love Vito and Emily on The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge - and I think a lot of you do too.
Which gives me an idea - when Sid's picked a winner (that cat is going to be so busy!) I'll collect up some of the titles and the favourite covers and post then in a separate blog - I might also do one on the covers I like least.


CrystalG said...
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CrystalG said...

My favorites are The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife and The Hostage Bride. Love the red.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

My favorite cover series is WEDLOCKED because I love the diamond ring encircling the lovers.

My favorite single book cover is THE ITALIAN'S FORCED BRIDE because of the ruby studded heart necklace firing up the passion between Alice and Domenico. HOT FLASHES once again on both accounts. :D

Christa said...
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Christa said...

I like the covers for The Sicilian's Red Hot Revenge and Bound by Blackmail

Mona said...

My favorite covers are The Sicilian's Red Hot Revenge and A Sicilian Husband.

ilona said...

I always liked the cover for Hers For A Night as it was (and still is) rare to find just the hero on the cover :)

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Lee! Waving! 50 books is fantastic, isn't it? Wow! Love the blog, too. (Um, not picking a cover because I'm not eligible to win one - wwwwaaaaah!).

ellie said...

My favorite of all is Bound by Blackmail. Simply divine.

jenna said...

I think that The Sicilian's Wife is the mosst wonderful cover ever.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Kimberly L said...

The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge
At the Sheik's Command
Their Secret Baby
Constantine's Revenge

I thought Christmas, Kids & Kisses
was just too cute for words.

Cherie J said...

I think these two covers are very sexy:

At the Sheik's Command
Constantine's Revenge

Sue A. said...

The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife (HP version)
and The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge

My favorites because of the intensity of the eye locks of the leads. Great clinch covers!

robynl said...

The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge and No Holding Back are great.

Lee Hyat said...

I love the red too. It makes me think of passion and fits so well with the theme of the Presents novels. Plus THE HOSTAGE BRIDE was a fantastic book!

KimW said...

Lots of great covers to choose from. I like the one on Rafael's Love Child, both editions. Those babies are precious and he's pretty precious, too. lol

Lee Hyat said...

Anna, I'd love to hear what cover(s) appeal to you! Authors are readers too!!

Maggie said...

My favorite cover is without a doubt The Groom's Revenge because I find it original and I can easily imagine Aidan and India in their respective roles, so that each time I look at the cover I am reminded of the book... which is my favorite Kate Walker book!

Nathalie D. said...

My favorite cover is Constantine's Revenge, which seems to be a favorite amoung many readers. I really like the way the couple is embracing on that little bridge surrrounded by all this water... It is so romantic!

Lily said...

My favorite cover and book is At The Sheik's Command (what can I say I really love these sheikh novels). I find its cover extremely sensual and the colours (with the deep reds) are very alluring... however I would never take it in public... way too revealing!

jennybrat said...

The Italian's Forced Bride

Dena said...

Hi Lee, I have been enjoying your contest over on your site too.I like the regular monthly contests and all the writer extras as well.

It's hard to pick just one cover because theres so many to pick from. So if I had to pick it would be The Sicilian's Wife,I love the sunset.I really like The Antonakos Marraige too,I don't think I've ever seen a cover with the couple in the water.

Virginia said...

I am going to go with The Antonakos Marriage and At the Sheikh's Command. I think these two covers are sexy. Let your mind wonder just a little and you realize these covers are HOT!

Anne McAllister said...

Constantine's Revenge. No question. Hands down. Love it.

Eva said...

The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge: Yay 50! :) and the Mills & Boon version of A Sicilian Husband

Minna said...

My favorite is Hers For A Night.

lidia said...

My favorite is "Constantine's Revenge." There is something about the way the H has his hand splayed over her stomach. Just looking at that cover give me chills.

"The Sicilian's Red Hot Revenge" is second -- I find it a very sexy cover.

olivia said...

Hi, Kate! As promised, I'm here!
Without a doubt, my favorite cover is The Italian's Forced Bride. There is no picturesque landscape as background. There are no fabulous diamonds adorning the heroine and nor is she in a flamboyant gown. But what strikes me is the intensity of the emotions of the characters as can be deduced from their body language . The hero pulling the heroine closer to him with subtle pressure. The heroine resting her hand on the hero's lower back. And the utterly sublime and anticipative expressions on them both. This cover always draws me back to re-read this story.

Olivia from Iheartspresents

Christina Hollis said...

It has to be 'The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge' for me. Vito has just the right amount of 'artisan' about him, if you know what I mean!


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