Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Kate Bit - just when I thought the party was over

Well, that was supposed to be the very last Great Big Blog Party post.
I thought that I had a final total of 57 - count them - 57 - wonderful posts by 57 fabulous friends, writers and -er - animals! At the start of this celebration I had wondered if I was going to get 50 posts and I ended up with 57. . .
Well, no, I didn't.

Because then I went to Caerleon - Caerleon that Jane Wenham-Jones called "the jewel of writing holidays" (which it is) - and there I met old friends who have shared the Caerleon experience with me many times before.

And I met new friends, new writers - and the old friend and the new friends wanted to be included in the Great Big Blog Party too.

So I have news for you - we don't just have 50 - or even 57 - posts -we have 60 Great Big Blog Party posts! And the next three are going to be Caerleon Specials with reports from this summer's special week in Wales.

I was planning to write the first one up today but I've been so so busy. I've been preparing the course and the handouts for the residential weekend Write Away Course - Beyond The Hearts and Flowers - in Leicester than I'm running with Julie Cohen next weekend (17-19th August). That's taken up all of today and from next Friday I will be teaching in this lovely building in the University of Leicester.
(If you were interested in the course, then I'm afraid that this one is now totally booked up. But if you are looking for another course I'm running then the next one will be Fishguard in November - which coincidentally is run by the wonderfully warm and welcoming Anne and Gerry Hobbs who also run Caerleon. Details are on my website Events Page if you want them)
But for the next couple of days I'll be giving you some reports on my week in Caerleon - and there will be guest blogs from three of my friends there.
But first I have a couple of winners to annouce.

1 comment:

Kate Hardy said...

I recognise that house. Is it Highgrove House, by any chance? (Stoughton Drive South - opposite side of the road to the botanical gardens, part of Digby Hall?)

If so, I can see my first-year student bedroom window!

Small world, hmm? :o)


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