Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great Big Blog Party #48 and #56 Winners

I have more winners! More prizes to give away!

First someone who you must have thought had gone missing in action - the lovely Marion Lennox who was last heard of here on July 28th. Then she . . .well, I'll let her explain for herself . . .

No of course I didn't choose a winner, that would be a normal responsible sensible thing to do and this year that's all gone out the window. I'm still living in chaos after the house move. I'm having trouble finding the dog!!!! I've just come back from RWA Conference in Sydney where we gave Barb Hannay her Rita which was just lovely. I have a head cold, a deadline and I'm exhausted.And I still haven't given you a winner. The winner is Cherie.

Permission to post this response wherever you want. It might give reassurance to all those who think romance authors lie around and dictate to our secretaries while drinking pink martinis. Now where is that damned dog?

And secondly I have a prize announcement from Michelle Reid who persuaded her husband - affectionately known as 'Ginge' to pick her winner:

Hi Kate,

I had a great time reading everyone’s comments to my Blog at your Great Big Blog Party, thanks for inviting me!

A gave Ginge the honour of making the pick of 16 great posts and he chose No 2, which was crystalg

Congratulations crystalg! I will be sending you signed copies of The Ranieri Bride and The Italian’s Future Bride just as soon as I can.

All the best

Winners - you know the routine by now - send me your postal address details at my email address and I'll organise your prizes for you.

Thanks again to Marion and Michelle

1 comment:

CrystalG said...

Thanks so much! :)


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