Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Kate Bit - Celebrations, Contests, Cats and Charts

Over on Anne McAllister's blog she's calling the Great Big Blog Party the Never-ending Blog Party! And it seems appropriate. I can't quite believe how long this celebration has gone on for - not that I'm complaining! But this week it will be coming to an end - I think! (Though I did get one last offer of a blog only on Sunday!) And I've been saving some of the best till last so I hope you'll enjoy the last few party posts. I'll be putting up another one today.

But thinking about today's Guest Blogger reminded me that I need to put up one last post about my Spotlight and Great Big Contest that is still running - just over on Leena's Goodie Room. Those of you who have been visiting and answering questions already will know that there are 50 questions to answer. Lee has been adding a set of questions each week and now they are all posted up there. Answer all 50 - even at this late stage - and you are in the running to win the major prize. Even if you can only manage the set of questions that are up for this last week, you're still in with a chance of the Book a Day that I'm giving away.

And if you need a reminder about the main prize - there are signed copies of the hardback edition of the special 50th title - which you all know by now is The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge, together with the other linked title in the Sicilian Brothers duo - Sicilian Husband; Blackmailed Bride. And there's a lovely heart shaped necklace too.

So with such great prizes on offer, why not enter while you still have time? This contest is closing soon.

The other prize giveaway I have been running was to bribe - ahem - ask - you all to vote for your favourite top five Kate Walker novels. I haven't posted a result of this for a while so here is the Top Ten as it stands at the moment.

1.The Italian's Forced Bride
2.A Sicilian Husband
3.The Antonakos Marriage
4.The Sicilian's Wife
5.Desert Affair
6.The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife
7.Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride
8.12 Month Mistress
9.Wife For A Day
10.At The Sheikh's Command

And I need to announce another batch of winners from amongst those who have emailed me their votes so the winners are:

Judy Theis

Mary Reinert

Marcy Shuler

Laurie Bertram

Eva Silkka

I'll be contacting the winners today

On to cats or The Cat

If you've read Anna Campbell's Contest for yesterday, you'll know that she has asked Sid to help her pick a winner from amongst the answers. He has taken his responsibilities very seriously and has been up all night reading the many entries. I did mention that he could try the usual cat crunchie on the names technique and he says he will try that one when he has woken from the exhausted sleep that has laid him flat out on my desk after all that reading. Watch this blog for the result.

Finally, while I was away in Wales, my ccountry count did a mini leap and I now have had visitors from a grand total of 110 countries! I spotted a couple of the new ones - Togo and Gibraltar and I think the third one was Pakistan. Wherever you're from, thank you for visiting - and I hope you'll come back often!


Rachel said...

Dear Kate,
I think Sid is telling porkies. looking closely he's been up all night reading a very good book-just what is that intriguing pink book under his right paw?

Ray-Anne said...

You are incredibly generous with both your support and contest prizes - I wonder if Sid needs the rest? LOL
He loves being a media star in truth. The fame, the glamour shots, the crunchies! And now INTERNATIONAL !
Take care, Ray-Anne

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, great to think Sid treated my contest with proper seriousness!


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