Sunday, August 12, 2007

Great Big Blog Party #45 and #54 Winners

As promised, I have a couple more prize winners to announce.

First of all, did you think that Katie Fforde had got lost? Well - she was lost in the throes of writing a love scene and then she had to go to Ireland and she's only just got back. But she didn't forget the prize and so a signed copy of Paradise Fields goes to


Congratulations Ray-Anne!

And the second prize announcement if for Lee Hyat's prize. Lee offered a My Tote Bag Goddie package - with some great Presents titles in it. And now that we have some more cat crunchies in stock - much to Sid's relief - Sid the Cat of Superior Breeding has been able to pick a winner .

And the winner of Lee Hyat's prize is:


Olivia described her favourite cover - which happens to be one of my favourites too - in just the way I might have described it.

Without a doubt, my favorite cover is The Italian's Forced Bride. There is no picturesque landscape as background. There are no fabulous diamonds adorning the heroine and nor is she in a flamboyant gown. But what strikes me is the intensity of the emotions of the characters as can be deduced from their body language . The hero pulling the heroine closer to him with subtle pressure. The heroine resting her hand on the hero's lower back. And the utterly sublime and anticipative expressions on them both. This cover always draws me back to re-read this story.

And this gives me an excuse to show this cover again. I think it looks particularly fantastic on the cover of the Spanish edition, where you can see so much more of the picture that Olivia has described.

Winners- please email me with your postal address details so that I can organise your prizes.


olivia said...

Hi, Kate! I emailed you my postal address already. Thank you so much for choosing me. And I really feel so flattered that you even mentioned that you would have described the cover just like the way I did. It put a great big smile on my face:)

Ray-Anne said...

I am thrilled to won!
What an excellent way to start a Monday morning, and like Olivia, I shall probably walk around all day with a big smile on my face! Thank you again. :) Ray-Anne

Lee Hyat said...

Olivia, your prize package went in the mail last week. :) I hope you enjoy it!!


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