Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Parcels

I know it's Christmas and so - hopefully - parcels are to be expected as part of the celebrations but this last week both my own postie and the local Post Office have been fantastic as they've delivered or helped me send on their way large bagfuls of gifts or prizes to all parts of the world.

The poor postie must wish I didn't have so many friends who are writers and he must sigh with relief once he has pushed through the letter box all the packages of books that my wonderful writing friend have sent me. They all seem to have books published now or very soon and so this week I have been lucky enough to receive books from Michelle Styles, Liz Fielding, Margaret McDonagh, Kate Hardy, India Gray . . . (I hope I haven't missed anyone out) and that's in addition to the books donated for the Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Books. I had actually reduced my TBR mountain by a couple of books recently - now I've added more than I've read! Thank you so much to everyone for all the new titles I now no longer need to add to my list for Santa.

There were also several copies of my own books - translations from Greece, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France. I love the Greek edition of At The Sheikh's Command with its gold background. I've had a few of these 'special' editions recently and they really make me feel that bit special. As did the books from Norway, Sweden, etc - four book collections with my name second only to Norah Roberts!

And then I have staggered to the Post Office with my own gifts to post, and some prizes too. Sid has chosen the winners of my Newsletter 12 Days of Christmas and the contest over on My Tote Bag is coming to a close so I have had signed books to pack up and send off. And a couple of winners of the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance, plus the winner of the Pink Heart Society monthly hamper too.

There are some winners who haven't yet claimed their prizes - so if you read this blog and see your name here, please email me.

Kim Christie
Mary Grieves
Joan Koko

Of course the Christmas Stocking Stuffed With Books Contest is still running - you have until December 18th to get your entry to me - see the details on the Contest Page of my website.

And as there have been visitors from so man different countries to this blog over the past few days - USA, Canada, Sweden, Israel, India, Spain, Austria, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, South Africa and Norway to name a few - it's perhaps time to remind you all that I will send out prizes to winners anywhere in the world.


I may curse and mutter when I see the cost of postage - but I have readers everywhere in the worls, and so everyone is eligible to enter my contests and I will mail out your prize wherever you live.

Finally, on a personal note, I had some news last night of a Christmas present that is most definitely not going to be put in a parcel. It's still being organised so more news of that when I have some - hopefully soon.


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Kate!

Julie Day said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, hoping it's a relaxing one for you and BM. Also, a Happy New Year.

lidia said...


You have always been very generous with your gifts and prizes!

I hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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