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Christmas Stocking Contest - more Great prize books

I hope you're keeping warm and dry - here in Lincolnshire it's cold and wet and miserable. The wind is howling around my windos and battering sleety rain hard against the glass. All the cats are cureled up snug in their beds beside the radiators, the Hecks are hibernating at the bottom of the garden, and inside with a good book is the only place to be.

So, talking of good books, here's a couple more of the great prizes on offer in the Christmas Stocking Stuffeed With Books.

First is one of my personal favourites - I read this book when I had a chance to take a reading break when I'd finished writing the Black Angel ( now known as Bedded By The Greek Billionaire) and I loved it. But then, if you've read this blog in the past, you'd expect that as this book is by another of my dear friends and favourite writers - Anne McAllister.

And the book is Anne's October release - The Boss's Wife For A Week aka Spence and Sadie's story.

Tycoon seeks wife for one week's employment.
Spencer Tyack needed a wife. Not forever. Just for a week. A wife he could show off in public and share a room with in private. But who could fill the position? Certainly not his buttoned-down, efficient assistant, Sadie Morrissey . . .
But Spence was in for a big surprise. Not only was Sadie sensible in the boardroom, she was sensual in the bedroom.
But what would happen at the end of the week?

This book is classic Anne McAllister and if you haven't already read it, then you are in for a treat.

And if, like me, you're waiting for the next Anne McAllister book to hit the shelves then luckily you don't have to wait long -

One Night Love-Child is out in March USA and April UK.

This is a book that I have a proprietorial interest in as it's the book that Anne was planning and writing when we went on our writer's tour of Ireland last year. So I will know some of the places she had in mind when she wrote it. It's also Flynn and Sara's (The Great Montana Cowboy Auction) story some years on.

And this is the book that Anne will be talking about when she and I and Liz Fielding have our traditional Valentine's contest coming up soon.

The second book in the Stocking is one that you might remember from the Great Big Blog Party in the summer - when I talked about Elizabeth Oldfield.

Elizabeth used to write great HMB romances and then about 8 years ago, she retired from writing romance, and oh how I missed her books. But now Elizabeth Oldfield the author is back. Her first book for some years - Vintage Babes - is published by Accent Press this month. It's not a straight Romance but - well, here's the 'blurb'

Divorced, fifty-plus and a reporter on a small-town newspaper, Carol has just one grumble – the way friends and family will try to fix her up with a Mr Wonderful.

No thanks! She’s perfectly content on her own. Then life shifts into the kick-ass mode. Steve, a tyrannical new editor, arrives: her elderly father morphs into a babe magnet: her daughter and granddaughter land on her doorstep, and black hairs sprout from Carol’s chin.Jenny, Carol’s meek plump housewife friend, is eager to find herself a job, but her husband disapproves. Tina, a glamorous recently-widowed gold-digger, has one major problem – she hates getting older.

When the three women workout together with Max, an erotic personal trainer, all their lives are changed.

To enter this contest and have a chance to win these great books and more- check out my web site Contest Page for all the details.

And that's where you'll find the 12 Days of Christmas Contest details too.

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Anna Adams said...

Hey, you! We definitely need to house swap. I had to turn on the a/c here yesterday as we broke high temp. records. I'd rather be fighting kitties for a warm spot in a cozy house in a howling storm!

I was just reading Anne's book and came across a surprise that made me go "awww." Besides its being a great story, I love little nuggets like that!

Hope the holidays are treating you well!


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