Thursday, December 20, 2007


So Sid has done his job and there are two lucky prizewinners who have won a Stocking Stuffed with books
The winners are:
Julie M from Perth in Scotland
Dawn M from Oklahoma
(Obviously Sid had the letter M on the brain today)
Congratulations to Julie and Dawn - and to everyone who didn't win, there will be other contests coming up soon. The first of which will be the now traditional Valentine's Contest run by myself, Anne McAllister and Liz Fielding. I don;t know if the grooms will take over the blogs again - or what will happen - but I know there will be three great books involved in that one.

And one of them will be Liz's very special 50th title for M&B. Right now she's celebrating her 50th book (there were some with another publisher) so The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride is this landmark book and that's out in January. Dawn and Julie will get their prize copies soon.

And in February Anne, Liz and I will be celebrating the upcoming publication of:
The Bride's Baby - Liz Fielding
One-Night Love Child - Anne McAllister (if you want to see the great cover for this book check out Anne's blog here)
and my own
Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife
Now if only I'd had a baby in my book we could had planned a Here Come The Babies Contest - but don't worry, we'll think of something.

Look out for that in February.

1 comment:

Dena said...

Congrats ladies!

I was thinking Kate, you have the hard part in the winner picking. Sid has the easy part of picking and snacking. Bailey wishes she was a winner picker too. Have a great weekend.


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