Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Stocking Contest - Final Book details

It's a bright and crisp day here - but very cold. I've been out putting suet blocks on the bird table and soaking mealworms to feed the young robin who has visited several times.

It's beautiful and bearable - but I've been thinking of friends and readers in America who are suffering much much worse conditions in the ice storms sweeping the country. Take care and I hope you and your families keep safe and warm.

So today I have the last few books from the Christmas Stocking to tell you about.

First up is one of two titles by a lovely friend and writer, whose name is very appropriate for this seasonal contest - and that's Holly Jacobs. Holly sent me two titles - one a trilogy that she shares with Sherryl Woods and Darlene Gardener called Dashing Through the Mall. Holly's story in this volume is Deck The Halls.

The other book is Confessions of a Party Crasher -
Sneaking in is the easy part. But living it down is tough.
One corporate pink slip, and Morgan Miller is back in Pittsburgh bunking next to her mother. But when Morgan agrees to attend a posh wedding reception for fabulous 'Penny and Sam', she's appalled to learn her invitation is far from legitimate.

Though her friends agree that party crashing is a superlative way to meet men, Morgan's life is becoming completely unmanageable. Wedding photographer Conner Danning keeps shooting her swoon-worthy glances and Morgan's ex is trying to de-ex himself.

She can't wait to run home to SanDiego, but maybe living life as an 'unofficial guest' is better than no invite at all!

Holly's great book The House on Briar Hill Road (you might have read about it over on the Pink Heart Society Blog) is still available working on Amazon and eHarlequin, she's working on "my second book for my new American series " ...coming up is Everything But a Groom, Avalon Books, 12/08.

Tessa Radley's book on offer in the stocking is her June 07 Desire release Rich Man's Revenge:

He'd make her pay . . .
Hell-bent on revenge, Italian businessman Rico D'Alessio would stop at nothing to destroy the Sinclair family. Taking eldest daughter, Danielle Sinclair as his bride was a start. Making her pregnant with his heir would prove the ultimate payback. But falling for his bride of revenge? Even this most cunning of rich men had not counted on that turn of events or the secrets such a shocking union would reveal.
Tessa's current book, The Desert Bride of Al-Zayed was released in Novemer, and coming up in February 2008 is Pride and A Pregnancy Secret.
Finally, there is my own contribution to the stocking - the Mills & Boon Christmas Annual which contains a print copy of my internet story Wife For Real.

Wife for Real is the story of Alex Alcolar, the first of the Alcolar brothers, and this story started off the trilogy The Alcolar Family. This story hasn't been in print in the UK before and so hasn't been easy to find for readers who wanted to complete there collection of Alcolar Family stories.

But if you're able to download ebooks from the eHarlequin site, then it can be found there as well and it only costs $0.99. You can find it here if you're looking for it.

So that's it - all the books on offer this year! there are 12 of them - a book and great reading for each of the 12 Days of Christmas.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to go to the Contests page of my web site, answer the easy question you'll find there - and send your answer to me with the heading Christmas Stocking Contest in the subject line of the email.

You have 6 days left. On the 18th December, I'll get Sid the Cat to pick the two names from all the entries and two lucky people will have all these books sent to them as a special Christmas present.

But you have to be in it to win it - so get your entries in now.

Good luck!

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