Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another new cover

My editor just sent me the artwork for the next book that's out in America - The Italian's Forced Bride - aka the book that makes people cry.Sharp eyed visitors to this blog and to Anne McAllister's blog will spot a sort of heart-shaped similarity to the cover of her next title - The Santorini Bride. That's because my book and hers are coming out in the same month - February - so the heart I'm assuming is for Valentine's Day . . .

Methinks I feel a contest coming on.Anyway, here's Domenico - and he's a lot more like my Domenico than Guido was like my Guido . . . .if you see what I mean. I tried to make the cover bigger so you could see him more clearly but Blogger says no. Not today. So maybe I'll try another time .


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Well what can a person say? This book is incredible.....the ending is wonderful but the journey painful! This will top the charts, Kate and for you having a release at the same time as the fabulous Ms. Anne.....even better.

blueberri said...

The cover's great, Kate! Now I know what to look for in Feb.:) Of course, your name has me grabbing the book off the shelf when it comes right down to it. :)

Kate Walker said...

Marilyn my dear - you are always so kind to me, thank you! You know I'm thrilled that you loved this book so much - I had that ending in mind when I dirst started it

And Blue - I really hope you love this one too. It's wonderful to know you enjoy my books so much but that always gives each new one an edge because I never want to disappopint you.


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