Thursday, November 23, 2006

Visitors two by two

Ah, now Solihull and Dublin have more than one visitor each, too.

I was about to say they're 'dublin' up' but I can hear the groans from here.


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaayy who is the other Dub?!!! I could start a Kate Walker fan club here and we could walk around in pairs with our bags...
x Daisy/Abby

Anonymous said... could be just me messing up your little counter and making it painfully obvious that I'm trawling the internet rather than working on these revisions...! Daisy/Abby

Anne McAllister said...

Maybe the Greek is taking time away from being revised -- and is using a different IP address! Did you give him his own computer, Daisy/Abby?

word verification: limao a portuguese fruit drink?

Kate Walker said...

Daisy/Abby - I haven't heard from the other Dublin visitor. If I do, I'll let you know. But there are plenty of Irish towns appearing on the list - do you know any of them?

Or yes, as Anne suggests , the Greek could be taking on alife of his own - a bit like a certain cat who is always on the internet

my word verificatin is qpwlaujy - I'm not even going to try!


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