Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last chance to vote

Today is the last day for voting in my Christmas Gift POLL - it closes tomorrow. Remember this is the poll to choose what gift(s) I send in the name of my readers to act as my Christmas 'Card' to you. At the moment, the results are staying just the same, even with more votes -So, right now, the Essential medicines for a whole village is the number one choice.

And that's kind of spooky because I visited this site the other day. It's supposed to help you find Christmas gifts that suit freinds. relatives, or even yourself. I did the visual quiz for myself and amongst the selection I was offered was the idea that I could buy Essential medicines for a whole village as a gift in my name.

So it looks like that's decided then. But you still have a chance to vote here if you haven't done so already - and see what comes second.


Anonymous said...

CarolC said...

Kate, your post inspired me to get xmas shopping myself, just bought a bike ambulance for bil and Mushroom Mothers which is too hard to explaing for mil. Was contemplating prize bull semen for dh but resisted, even though it was a bargain at only £10.

Thanks for the idea, feeling very Christmassy now.

Sabo1050 said...

The Christmas 2nd entry into the "NEWSLETTER CHRISTMAS CONTEST" is a great idea. I get confused on the blog items but this is due to me not quite understanding how blogging works. Hope you get this blog for my 2nd entry. Again, great idea for a 2nd entry.


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