Monday, November 06, 2006

Introducing Guido

Busy with my current Greek hero who has decided that maybe he'll cooperate just a little bit if I'll just let him kiss the heroine - he doesn't realise that actually he's going to have a cold shower instead.

So this is just a flyby post to introduce you to my next hero in print - Guido Corsentino. I just got the hardback copies of the book so I thought you might like to see the cover.

Do I like the cover? Hmm - well, yes and no . . .

It's an attractive cover but this isn't my Guido, not as I imagined him - I had some one more like this in mind

(My thanks to Margaret McDonagh who introduced me to the inspiration that is Iker Casillas. He may be Spanish but he seems to double up nicely as an Italian in her Italian Doctor's Bride - or a Sicilian in Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride.)

The other problem with this cover is that it makes it look as if Signor Corsentino is at a wedding - which is right - but it makes him look as if he's at his wedding - which he's not.

Most definitely not.

If you read the post on the First Page Challenge then you'll have some idea about the mod Guido's in when he appears at this wedding - and the way he feels about it. And he's supposed to be dressed totally in black . . . But that's cover art for you.

On another topic briefly, thank you to everyone who has voted in my What to Spend the Christmas Card Money on Poll. So far the majority of votes are for Essential Medicines, followed by Caring for an Orphan or Safe Water for 50 people - whiihc is just about the way I would have gone myself. The medicines are impportant but, as Sharon pointed out, not much use if you don't have the clean water to wash them down with.

But the poll is still open - so if you haven't voted on what valuable gift I give as your Christmas Card then please go HERE and do so.

And I'll go back to Andreas and disappoint him - and get him into that shower.


Margaret McDonagh said...

Yum! So glad you liked Iker and he came in useful. He is delicious! And very adaptable as a Mediterranean hero. I'd not seen that picture before so thank you, another to add to my hero file for future reference!!! Great to know he is your Guido as well as my Nic!!!!

Poor Andreas. Hee, hee! I feel he'll be somewhat frustrated and feel a bit cheated with his cold shower!


2paw said...

I knoiw what you mean about covers, I just read one of the Bella Lucia books: Married under the Mistletoe and there was my chance to see a Christmas grren 'wedding dress' on the cover but instead there is a bride dresssed in white. Did they not read the book?? When my friend died of cancer a few months ago, we bought her chickens in a developing country. Lots of chickens all called Bronwyn.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you for the 'introduction' to Iker, Mags - I enjoyed finding just the right picture of him. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Cindy - I feel disappointed when the cover doesn't really represent the book. At least my Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife had the red dress on the front even if it didn't exactly match the description.

I love the idea of all those chickens called Bronwyn - and waht a great way honour your friend's memory. I bought some chickens last Christmas - I hope they've laid and hatched lots of eggs so that there are more chickens for the village


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