Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Remember Uffa?

Back in September, on September 24th, to be precise, I posted a photograph of my sponsored guide dog for the blind. Well, at the time, he was not so much a Guide Dog as just a puppy - and a darn cute one at that. His name is Uffa

At the time, my old scanner didn't do a good job of reproducing the photo of Uffa - it didn't do any sort of job, really and cute little Uffa just appeared as a bit of a dark blob and not the darling he is - was - He's nearly 8 weeks older now and probably a lot bigger and at that 'My legs are too long and I don't know what to do with them' stage. I expect that I'll soon be getting another report on him and how he's doing - and perhaps another photo of him.

But I just found the original photograph and so I thought I really should try for a proper scan and upload a decent picture of Uffa at 6 weeks old so that you can see just how gorgeous a puppy he is.

And then when I do get another picture of him, you'll also be able to see just how much he's grown.


Margaret McDonagh said...

Kate, Uffa is scrumptious! Absolutely adorable. I really hope you enjoy following his growth and progress. My Guide Dog puppy is called Lucas and he's a yellow Lab cross Retriever. He is 18 months old now and the latest Pupdate described him moving on to the next stage in his training. He's gone from being as gorgeous as Uffa in his first picture at 6 weeks old, to a very handsome fellow! Best of luck to Uffa.


Cryna said...

Oh Kate, he is adorable. And I can imagine him being at the all legs stage now. What a sweetie.

Anne McAllister said...

What a beauty! Or, should I say, what a handsome fellow. I'm looking forward to seeing him as a teenager!

Sharon J said...

What a totally hugable pup! And what a cute name! Uffa... sounds very Scandinavian.

Kate Hardy said...

GORGEOUS pup. I am all broody now :)

Kate Walker said...

He is gorgeous isn't he? And Mags has sent me a phot of 'her' pup Lucas - another cutie - he's a 'golden' retriever cross. I know that the Guide Dogs people name their puppies in batches where all the puppies born in a particular litter have names beginning with the same letter - so I assume that Lucas come from a litter about 8 litters ago when they were all named with L. Now they've got to U - so I suppose Uffa has a sister called Ursula . . . after that, my knowledge of 'U' names runs out!


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