Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating it today.

After some really upsetting news I heard yesterday about a young mother who gave birth to her second child last week and is now fighting for her life in intensive care as a result of terrible complications afterward, my heart goes out to her family and I have to say that I am truly thankful that those I love are close to me, either in body or heart. I hope you and your families and all your loved ones have a truly wonderful day and that you just enjoy being together and being close.

Which seems like a good point to remind those who haven't voted in my Christmas Gift POLL that it is still open and your votes matter.

Remember this is the poll to choose what gift(s) I send in the name of my readers to act as my Christmas 'Card' to you. At the moment, the results are staying just the same, even with more votes -
So, right now, the Essential medicines for a whole village is the number one choice

with 16 Mango saplings to start a farm in second place.

The poll will stay open until December 1st - so if you want to vote do so soon.

Writing topics - I've been having a nasty little fight with Andreas the Greek who will not cooperate. Perhaps it's because I gave him amnesia that he just doesn't want to help. In that case, seeing as he's about to get his memory back, perhaps he will decide to be a little more helpful. His heroine, Becca just told me a really imprtant fact about herself that has a major impact on the whole set up - one of those 'Well, why didn't you tell me that at the beginning?' moments - so hopefully with that and Andreas starting to remember we might have a better day together. If not, I've warned him, there's an interesting Spaniard waiting in the wings . . . or perhaps an Irishman (Anne McAllister has been talking on her blog about her Irish hero Flynn and she's reminding me how much I love Irish males - ever since I met my gorgeous uncle who looked like a young James Mason )

So Andreas had better shape up or there are contenders for his hero status just waiting to be invited to tell their story.

And if I get a good day's work out of him, I'll celebrate by coming back and telling you more about the authors who have contributed books to my Christmas Stocking Contest and of course the books they're giving away.

OK, Andreas . . . let's get started . . .


Anne McAllister said...

Good luck to you and Andreas, Kate. And I'm keeping good thoughts for your friend with the new baby.

Irish heroes -- gotta love 'em.

blueberri said...

That Andreas is a going to be a powerhouse when you unleash him, Kate!

{{{HUGS!}}} to the mother in ICU.

Wild wave!

Hugs, Nancy

Liz Fielding said...

Oh, James Mason! Drooling in Wales!


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