Thursday, November 23, 2006

Are you in Decatur GA?

I'm intrigued - okay - I'm nosy!

Since I installed the new and wonderful Geocounter2 - the one that lists all the cities my visitors live in (have you seen that? Scroll down to near then end of the sidebar and you'll find it.) I have been checking to see where you're all from and trying to guess if I know any of you. Some are quite obvious - Anne McAllister for instance - or Julie from Malta - or Dublin - Hi Abby Green! - because I already know where you live - and some I can guess.

But there's one entry that had been intriguing me - Decatur GA.

Every other city has the number 1 after it - Dublin: 1 London:1 - a bit like the football results. But Decatur GA says Decatur, GA:2
Now I know that's not the same person visiting the blog twice in aday - that's not how the visitor counting works. If you visit, your city is registered, and that's it for the rest of the day - no matter how many times you come back to visit. So Decatur, GA: 2 means 2 visits from 2 different people. Both living in Decatur Georgia.
Which sets my nosy novelist's mind working - do you two know each other? Are you related? Or is it just chance that two readers in Decatur have visited on the same day?

I'd love to know - if you a re Someone From Decatur and you'd like to say hello - I'd love to hear from you - from you both? Whoever you are - thank you for visiting.


Jennifer Y. said...

Hello! I think one of the Decatur's is me...I live in Stone Mountain, GA...close to Decatur...but I think my IP address is Decatur...or at least Decatur is what shows up whenever I am on your blog in the Cities Online section. I do not know the other person visiting though.

Kate Walker said...

I thought one might be you, Jennifer - when I posted your prize to you I noted the address was in the right area. If you ever meet the other visitor, I'd love to know.

It would be fascinatingif they responded here and you found out about them


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