Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 23

Just about made it for the 23rd! What a day! Other people have stars or Angels at the top of their tree - I have a kitten!

I also have iced up pipes - and everywhere is so cold that I don't need to worry about whether I have enough room in my fridge as I have done in past years - I just put most things in the garage where the temperature is lower than the insidse of my fridge! As I write this I'm drinking a glass of white wine that has been chilled to perfection by leaving the bottle in the garden rather than the refrigerator!

Meanwhile my friend Trish Morey in Australia (Hello Trish!) is anticipating a temperature of 34c on Christmas Day!

OK - so yesterday's winner is Doris O'Connor -

Doris wins the copy of Kept For Her Baby. So Doris please email me with your postal address and I'll get the prize in the post to you. It will probably arrive closer to New Year now, but it will be on its way.
Today's book is another 3 in 1 collection - under the title Chosen By The Greek Tycoon

This has stories by Cathy Williams and Susan Stephens in the collection as well - and my novel is The Antonakos Marriage

The wedding ultimatum!
An ageing tycoon is blackmailing Skye Marston into marriage. But she’ll have one night of freedom first. One night of passion, with a man she’ll never meet again – even if he’s the man she could have loved…

Theo Antonakos, darkly irresistible and a tycoon in his own right, isn’t used to rejection. He’s furious when his passionate partner slips away without a word. And he’s still furious when he arrives on his father’s private Greek island to meet his stepmother-to-be – only to find that they already know each other, in the most intimate way…
Theo wants Skye back in his bed…as his wife!

I must just say again that although I've been too busy to answer you individually, I have loved having everyone join in this special Advent Calendar - and I've really enjoyed reading all your answers. As Julie, one of the winners said in her email to me -

It's been lovely reading how we all celebrate Christmas in our different ways.

Me too Julie - I totally agree.

So today's question - well right now I have a kitten and a bit of green string decorating my Christmas Tree. There are some baubles on there too - but Charlie keeps knocking them down as he carries his bit of green string up and along the branches!

But how do you decorate your tree? Are you stylists who have everything colour co-ordinated? Minimalist with just one colour? Do you have a real tree? A fake? A modern black or pink one?Or do you - as I know some of you have lots of traditional decorations collected over the years?

I'll let you into a secret. I have one real tree, one fake - one is the elegant tree - the 'ice' tree that has nothing but silver and white, gold and glass decorations. The other has all the fun and colourful decorations - the reds greens purples - some multi coloured birds, the old old decorations my sister in law and I made out of playdough when I was first married - and the little felt angel, snowman and Father Christmas I made for my son when he was small. So I thought I'd share them with you.


Kelly said...

Hi Kate,

We have had a fake tree ever since our real one crashed to the ground in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve a few years ago, shattering glass ornaments and sending our big, tough dog running for cover upstairs! It was quite the mess to clean up. So we have the fake one now with a few glass ornaments, and other mish-mashy ones we have collected over the years. No tinsel, but lots of multi-coloured LED lights, and a beautiful new tree skirt picked up this year from a craft sale. We have a paper angel on the top that I actually made in school when I was very young.

Doris O'Connor said...

Thank you so much for the book Kate, how exciting :-)

We have a black tree with mixture of decs that came with it and some the kids made over the years. Lots of home made decs on the ceiling etc.

Rachael Thomas said...

I have a fake tree, which looks very real, decorated mostly in gold. Also adorning its branches are various decorations the kids have made over the years. I don't have a kitten though!
Sorry to hear about your frozen pipes. I'm using the car boot as an extra fridge as it hasn't been able to go anywhere for ages and isn't likely to either.

Teresa Morgan said...

Can I just say firstly - I love the cover of that book! (though I don't need to be entered into the comp).

I always have a real tree. My dad, years ago, used to work for an office plant design company and put the trees up in the office in London. We used to get one of those big trees as a 'present.

So even now, I have to have a real tree - though now it's a Nordman so it doesn't drop the needles like the original pine. This years was 8 foot... so a bit got cut off to fit in our lounge.

It is a mish mash of decorations. Although I love the colour coordinated ones... we just have all sorts goes on there. From old and new.

Luckily our cat (14 years) is not fussed about the tree... though she does get tempted with batting one of the lower baubles.

We have now a fake one that goes outside with just lights on. And I do have a small fibreoctive (sp?) one that goes in the window.

I am so excited now... only two more sleeps!

Kaelee said...

No tree here for a few years now but when we did have a tree it was a mish mash of decorations old and new on a real tree with the bottom decorated with mainly plastic ornaments so the cats wouldn't break any.

Just popped in to tell you how impressed I am. I won The golden Thief on day 11 and I just received it my mail box. Thank you so very much. I just love the cover with the contest advertisement on it. Back then you could have won 5000 pounds. It would still be a great prize today!

Anonymous said...

The tree we have now is not a very big one but it is a fibre optic tree which when lit up is really pretty. Last year I decorated it with silver baubles but this time have reverted back to red and gold baubles topped with a gold star. I prefer the more traditional look. Hope you get your pipes sorted. Yesterday me and my hubby went to our friends and they had had no water since Mon. They were on a waiting list for a plumber, so my hubby being an enthusiastic DIY man went into the loft and sorted it out for them. They were over the moon!
Anita B.

Debby said...

We do have a fake tree due to allergies. It is ag reen tree and it is quite eclectic. No tinsel becasue one of mycats eats the tinsel but it is stil vry pretty.
debby236 at att dot net

runner10 said...

We have a prelit fake tree. We have it decorated with ornaments we have collected from different vacations.

Laney4 said...

This year it's a mixture of colours; previous years we had a "Red Green" tree and a "Blue Christmas".

Always a fake tree re DH's allergies. We're onto the third (regular green) one in almost 30 years.

Crib mobiles, school handmade decorations from our kids and their teachers, homemade items from me and my sister, tons of my MIL's ancient decorations, presents from my clients through the years, yard sale treasures, pine cones, and lots of teddy bears that we bought ourselves. Okay. "I" bought them just 'cuz they're cute.

BiteMeAsh said...

Hi Kate and everyone.

We are also set to be 34c in this part of the world - South Africa. It's so hot I wish it would rain on Christmas day ;o)

Our tree is a fake green with cones and cherries (so it does in a way look real). It is decked with many traditional deco's bought all around the world, so it currently now looks like a UN tree. No tinsel just lots of lights as its over 6ft tall.

Christmas is a very sad and joyful time for our family as my dad passed away on new years day in 1989. What I'll always treasure is that that previous Christmas (1988) we had a real tree for the first time, my dad decided he wanted one. I always imagine that somehow he knew that this would be our last Christmas together and he wanted to make it real special like. It was and I can still remember the way the whole house smelled from the pine tree.

BiteMeAsh said...

Chosen By the Greek Tycoon is another title that I've gotten into my collection. (though I don't need to be entered into the comp).

Just wanted to say I adore those Greek men *grin*

Ciao, Rita
'I'm in your newsletter group'

Julie M said...

Ours is a fake green one. We decorate it with gold tinsel, plain white lights and lots of decorations. The colour scheme for the baubles is red and gold, but we don't stick to it very strictly. I run a Round Robin cross stitch group and we have a decoration exchange at Christmas so there are always a few new hand-stitched ones each year. The tree is topped by a teddy bear angel.

All of the decorations trigger special memories. When we were decorating the tree there were a lot of "remember when" moments.

I wish that I'd got a tree climbing kitten. Ours are all too old (and big), but hopefully they'll steal a few baubles before Christmas is over. Sassy was our tree climber. She spent most of her first Christmas perched in the tree, throwing the baubles down. These days she sticks to walking along the bookcases knocking the cards down one by one. She's nine now, but still acts like a mischievous kitten.

Kirsten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eva said...

We have a little fake tree and we also get a live tree in its container to plant outside later.

Happy Christmas!

Caroline said...

Merry Christmas Kate. Caroline x

Trish Morey said...

Happy Christmas, Kate!

Christmas morn here and it's cool and still at the moment. Expecting things to warm up soon!

Have a good one,



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