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Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 9

It's been one of those mornings today - nothing has quite gone the way I planned it. Perhaps that's because the sun is actually shining and I'm really not used to that. We might even find that some of the snow goes away as a result!

Right so Sid has done his duty of picking a name and yesterday's winner of the Her Greek Tycoon trilogy is Michelle Handyside. Michelle says she loves Greek heroes, so this book should please her.

Michelle please send me your postal address - Kate AT

Everyone who has sent me their addresses for their prizes has had the books sent out so I hope it won't be too long before the prizes arrive. The snow will slow things down but you should have it soon. A couple of people haven't written to me with addresses so do make sur you're not missing out on a prize by just not sending me the information. Those who haven't won anything yet, do keep coming back - and posting a comment - because you never know how Sid might feel about your name in the future.

Today's book has a Greek theme as well. So many of you said that you liked Greek heroes that I thought I'd offer a great Greek hero as today's giveaway. (Sadly, not the hero himself, but his story!)

So today's book is Bedded By The Greek Billionaire (2008)and just because the sun is shining, I'm giving away 3 copies of this title today.

Taken for passion. . . or ruthless retribution?

As a na├»ve teenager, Jessica Marshall fell achingly in love with a gorgeous Greek – Angelos Rousakis.
But her clumsy attempt at attracting his attention cost Angelos everything.
Seven years later, Angelos Rousakis is back. Hard and powerful, he intends to claim what is his – and that includes Jessica. However the once innocent girl now pretends that she feels nothing for him. . . which only inflames his passion for her further. . .
As Jessica falls for the sexy billionaire all over again, she cannot be sure - Is he back for passion . . . or retribution?

This book was a Romantic Times Top Pick when it came out in America in November 2008

Today's question is quite simple - just tell me one romance you've read a really enjoyed this year. You can name more than one, and go into details about why you loved it if you like - that'll really make for an interesting post.

And no, you don't have to pick one of my books! And it won't give you a better chance of winning if you do - it'll make me smile but it won't affect Sid! He doesn't care whose books you read. He's only interested in the cat treats!


Kaelee said...

This isn't about the best romance story I read this year but about the most memorable. I usually buy Samantha Hunter's books. Blazing Bedtime Stories Volume IV was an auto buy as Sam wrote one of the stories.
The other story was by Kimberly Raye and it may be the only vampire story I'll ever read. I loved her style of writing but I just don't enjoy vampires.

Sam's story was about a genie and it's a bit on the dark side as well.


The heroine has a best friend come to visit her bringing beer and pizza --- the friend's name is KAELEE. How cool is that. As a lot of people know Kaelee is my husband's and my initials joined together. My real name is Linda and as a best friend I'd bring beer and pizza to a party.

Nicolette said...

Received my prize book today! Thank you so much.

I always return to Kate Hardy's Posh Docs Trilogy. I love those Radley's!

Non M&B romance fave is Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson. Makes me cry every time.

Laney4 said...

Hi Kate!

Please don't enter me in your draw. I have that book here (in my HUGE TBR pile) and hope to read it soon. I could go on and on about loving AT THE SHEIKH'S COMMAND or CORDERO'S FORCED BRIDE or DESERT AFFAIR or THE HOSTAGE BRIDE - but I won't! I loved them all during the past year, but I'm going to share about another author's books I have really enjoyed too.

Sandra Hyatt is a new author. I read her first book, a Desire - HAVING THE BILLIONAIRE'S BABY - and loved the sexual tension in delaying their union. I then read her second Desire - THE MAGNATE'S PREGNANCY PROPOSAL - and loved the surprises throughout, yet all were realistic. I stayed up reading both books because I just couldn't put them down. I have her latest book on my to-buy list - HIS BRIDE FOR THE TAKING - and am wondering if I'll love it too.

I have learned that I can love a bunch of an author's books and then not really be thrilled with the next. I will continue on, as the odds are high that I'll love even more of those books again (and not).

Good luck with that sun shining. I can relate, although I spend most of my day down in my dungeon, er, my office, playing on the computer, er, working....

Kelly said...

Wow, I've read so many books this year but a few Harlequin Presents stand out. I just finished reading Robyn Grady's Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress and I loved it because the main characters were hated enemies when he was 16 and she was 14 and he was best friends with her brother. Fast forward 10 years later and they meet up again on an island resort (which he just happens to own and she works at) both having changed completely in looks and having no idea who the other person is.

The other book I really liked was Tamed: The Barbarian King by Jennie Lucas. I loved the fact that the hero waited 13 years to be with the heroine again and was celibate in all that time!!! Sheesh, I almost fell off my chair when I read that as some other heros don't even wait 3 months.

Teresa Morgan said...

I've recently finished reading Jane Eyre and OMG! Why hadn't I read that sooner. I absolutely loved it. I couldn't believe how easy it was to read and get into.

I've been trying to read more and more, and picked this up at a second hand book stall at Minehead Station, telling myself I must read more classics. Best 85p spent.

Otherwise, my favourite modern romance would be one of Liz Fielding's though I'm not really sure which one I would pick. They are all close - it's a toughy to choose.... Her Desert Dream (first one I read of Liz's and was hooked!).

Anonymous said...

One of the great romances I've read this year was The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook...a steampunk. Blood on Silk by Marie Treanor which is a vampire romance, and Something Wicked by Michelle Rowan...a demon story but very different.

So, you can see the types of books I enjoy the most...hehe!!!

I've also read some wonderful historicals, but I'd have to hunt my shelves to find them...there was one that had me laughing so much, the heroine called the hero every kind of name but his real was so funny.

in Germany

Kaelee said...


That historical sounds hilarious ~ name please if you see this post.

I'm loving the book picks.

The HP I enjoyed most this year was Untameable Rogue by Kelly Hunter. It is part of her Bennett family series and I've just loved them all.

Caroline said...

Apart from your books of course ;) I did enjoy Maisey Yate's debut novel. Caroline x

Jane said...

One book I really loved was Emma Wildes "Face of the Maiden."

Kelly said...

Valerie, I too would be interested in the title of that funny historical you read. Hopefully you find it and can let us know :)

Julie said...

I'm not sure if you can class "An Echo in the Bone" by Diana Gabaldon as a romance, but I love the romance between the two main characters. They've been married for years, but are still very much in love.

Nas Dean said...

I'm reading Bedded by the Greek Billionaire currently.
Recently I've read:
His Personal Agenda by Liz Fielding
Spanish Billionaire, Innocent wife by Kate Walker
The Kostantos Marriage Demand by Kate Walker
The boss and Nurse Albright,
The Heart doctor and the Baby,
Christmas Baby Bump... by Lynne Marshalls
Dr Zinnetti's SnowKissed Bride by Sarah Morgan
Allesandro and the Cheery Nanny..
Valentino's Pregnancy Bombshell..Amy Andrews

And I've enjoyed each and every one of them as I'm a passionate reader and I read all genres.

Summer said...

I've read so many great romances this year. A couple favorites were Natalie Anderson's Unbuttoned By Her Maverick Boss, and a YA series called The Luxe.

ros said...

I've read so many that I've loved that it's really hard to pick just one. So I've picked two! I read Laura Kinsale's Flowers from the Storm for the first time this year and was totally blown away by it. Just amazing plotting, characters and writing. And the M&B romance I fell in love with most was probably Kelly Hunter's Untameable Rogue.

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed the Regency silk and scandal series - it's the first time I've really got into historicals. Like Summer, I also read and loved The Luxe series - Milly

maryreinert said...

I do read Jane Austen. My favorite title is "Pride and Prejudice". I just love that story!

I am in your newsletter group.


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