Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 15

I'm so busy today so this is a real dash in and out. Phone call with my editor - Kate's Corner over on We Write Romance (need to think of something to blog about!) and the annual big, Open House over on eHarlequin.

And a bit (lot of ) work too. But at least the great thing about going to all these 'events' is that I don't have to worry about getting dressed up and I can wear the same thing to all of them and no one will notice!

As always, ask a question about books and there's a lot of response. Milly - I have to agree, I love a good ghost story. One of my TV highlights over christmas will be a remaking of Whistle and I'll Come to You. I'm looking forward to that.

Today's winner is Valerie!

Valerie, I'm sure you know the drill but just in case you need a reminder - email me here and send me your postal address.
Oh and this is a point to say that I've had some email problems this past nweek so if you have emailed me with your address and aren't sure if you got through then please try again. Ros,your book went out in the mail yesterday - Dena and Alicia. I still need somewhere to send your prizes.

Today's book giveaway is The Antomakos Marriage (2006)

The wedding ultimatum!
An ageing tycoon is blackmailing Skye Marston into marriage. But she’ll have one night of freedom first. One night of passion, with a man she’ll never meet again – even if he’s the man she could have loved…

Theo Antonakos, darkly irresistible and a tycoon in his own right, isn’t used to rejection. He’s furious when his passionate partner slips away without a word. And he’s still furious when he arrives on his father’s private Greek island to meet his stepmother-to-be – only to find that they already know each other, in the most intimate way…

Theo wants Skye back in his bed…as his wife!

Voted Best M&B Modern Romance of 2005 by CataRomance.

And today's question - seeing as so much is going on today - is - parties - do you love them or hate them? Do you have a family party or a work 'do' or would you prefer to stay at home and - read? We used to have a big party every Christmas with lots of friends - including the Offspring's friends - but now he has a home of his own we've had rather quieter Christmases and this year has been so hectic I'll be glad to curl up in a chair with a book and a kitten. Though we are meeting up with friends on Christmas Day itself - snow permitting!

But what about you?

And don't forget - over on eHarlequin it's Open House all day with lots of authors and readers waiting to chat and maybe some prizes too - and soon I'll be posting a blog over on Kate's Corner. Just need to think of a topic!


Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate, I'd prefer a quiet night in with a good book!

Nicolette said...

Don't want to sound all 'Bah, humbug!' but I don't really like Christmas parties. I'd much prefer to be snuggled on the sofa with husband, or a good book and some chocolate.

host said...

Well, I love Christmas parties but I pick the ones I really want to go to. I skip all the others that make me feel stressed out.

Laney4 said...

Hi, Kate!

Bah humbug! Just kidding! When our kids were small, we used to open presents at our house, visit two of my DH's brothers' homes in the morning, have lunch with his parents, visit DH's sister and another brother in the afternoon, and then have supper with MY parents and siblings before heading home later that night. I am SOOO glad we don't do that anymore! I don't know how we did it, year after year!

Now we open gifts at home in the morning, phone a few friends, have a quick lunch, put the turkey in the oven at 1:00, walk out the door at 1:01, visit two of DH's brothers, and come home for supper either with just the four of us or bringing my MIL home for supper with us. MUCH easier!

Note: I couldn't get the Kate's Corner link to work. Hopefully it just means I need to reboot and try again....

Kirsten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie M said...

No parties for us. We won't see anyone at all over Christmas, but that's just the way we like.

CrystalGB said...

I am not much into parties. I prefer a quite evening with a book.

Kaelee said...

Well I guess getting together at my sister's on Boxing day is a party but otherwise we are not going to any. I love just having a quiet time, reading a book or two.

chey said...

Hi Kate,
I'd prefer to stay home with a good book!

Anonymous said...


I just emailed you!!!!

And, I would much rather stay at home and read, or cross stitch.

There are certain parties I have to go to and of course, I enjoy having all my eleven various boy/girl friends over for Christmas dinner and present exchanging, but I do enjoy a few quiet days before having to get back to work.

in Germany

Kelly said...

Hi Kate,

I love Christmas parties! I love to get dressed up and have a great time with my friends and family, eating yummy Christmas goodies and wine. That said, I also love to unwind afterwards with a good book for an hour or so.

Anonymous said...

My hubby and I don't go to parties over Christmas. We prefer to go away for a few days and usually spend New Year's Eve with friends. Last night I went out with friends from work for our Christmas do to a very good chinese restaurant! I also like to try and find the time to relax with a good book at some point over Christmas. Pure heaven.

Anita B.

Kaelee said...

Meant to add this to my post.

I have a brother called Theo but he's not Greek. He's Canadian from an Italian-English gene pool.

maryreinert said...

I am not a fan of parties, but the family does get together for Christmas and other big events. Most of the time, I would prefer to curl up with a good book.

I am in your newsletter group.

Lois said...

Well, lucky the family just consists of me, sis, Mom and now Mom's friend, so that's the extent of the party. I'm not a party person, so that's just fine. LOL :)


Debby said...

Iused to love to go to them but lately I hate to go out and then ahve to drive.


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