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Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 13

So we're over halfway with the Advent Calendar giveaway. It's been fun checking through my book stock and finding different titles to use as prizes. So far I haven't repeated any books, but I'm not sure how long I can continue with that. We'll see - but there will be giveaway books right up until Christmas Day.

The winner for yesterday's copy of The Good Greek Wife is - well, the winners are because once again Sid snaffled two treats in one mouthful - so the winners are
Aine and

And I need to remind winners that you need to email me with your postal address or I can't get the prize to you. I'm still waiting to hear from
I can't send books out when I don't know where they're going!

Today's giveaway book is The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife and this is another book (the second) in The Alcolar Family trilogy. (Unfortunately I don't have any copies of the first title in this mini-series The Twelve Month Mistress in stock - they all went out as prizes etc long ago. It was a very popular title. But it is still available in ebook form as are all the other titles, or the full trilogy as a 'bundle'.)

Anyway - The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife - Ramon's story.

The convenient solution is to marry her!

Ramon Dario desperately wants the Medrano company. But the deal has a shocking condition - marriage to the notorious Estrella Medrano. Ramon won't be forced into anything, least of all into wedding a scarlet woman!

But Estrella is not what he imagined. Ramon can't get her gorgeous body out of his mind. He even starts to believe she may not deserve her reputation.

A marriage of convenience - and desire - might be a good deal after all...

The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife has a great cover. The red dress is actually very important in the story - though it doesn't really look like the one in the picture. Why? Well, you'll have to read the book to find out. I remember that the inspiration for the scene in which the heroine is wearing this dress came to me one day when I was at lunch with my editor and she told me about a wedding she'd just attended . . . I can still remember going home on the train and pulling out my notebook and scribbling frantically, determined not to let the idea vanish.

If you haven't read the book, you'll have to try to win it to find out why!

And to do that you'll need to answer today's question which is all about clothes -

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day? Do you plan to dress up, really go for glamour, or do you prefer to keep things casual? Do you wear the same thing all day or change for dinner - or a get-together in the evening?: Tell me about your planned outfit - or the one for the best party you're going to. Or the cosy sweater and jeans you plan to curl up and read in!

Answers in the comments as usual please.

Oh - and with reference to The Alcolar Family Trilogy, I've just had a couple of enquiries about the on-line short story that started off this mini series when it was published on eHarlequin. This story was called Wife For Real.

So there are three ways you can find this -

One is to go to the Mills and Boon site and find the link in the sidebar that says Free Onl Line Reads - it's just below the new M&B symbol - & - and above the list of all the series on sale and there's a row of books to indicate this, currently topped with snow! Click on the link which will take you to the Online Read page with the current onl ine read posted there

You'll see a pink heading to the Online Read Library where it says read past serials in our library

Click on this link and scroll down - serials are in alphabetical order of title so Wife For Real is close to the bottom of this page

The other way is to buy an ebook version - to download to your reader or even your computer - this is only $0.89 on eHarlequin - you go to the eHarlequin site or follow one of the links to ebooks on my web site and put Wife For Real in the search box there. Or you can go direct here
so you can get a copy of the story.
Finally, if you buy the ebook bundle of The Alcolar Family from eHarlequin then this bundle contains all three novels and the online short story in one pack.


Kirsten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teresa Morgan said...

Hi, Kate,

I thought I would reply, because I don't want you thinking that now I've won a book, I won't comment on your blog ;-) (I'm trying to read when I can!) However, don't wish to appear greedy, so I don't need to be entered into the competition!

In answer to your question, usually having to run around with two kids, I keep things casual. But I'll dig out my best jeans and a flattering top, because I'm bound to end up in some of the photographs!

Usually I'll put the boys in their best shirts though... so that they look good for photos too.

I haven't got any parties to go to... that doesn't happen for me any more :-(

Love reading your blog, and agree the cover of that book is great - I like the red dress.

Shirley Wells said...

Our dogs get an extra-special walk on Christmas Day so I'll be in my usual rather fetching attire of mud-splattered jeans and thick jumper for most of the day.

In the evening though, it'll be drinks with friends and neighbours so I'll be dusting off my posh red frock and hoping it still fits. :)

desere_steenberg said...

Hello Kate

Thanks again for the great contest ! And thank you to you and Sid for selecting me as the winner yesterday for the copy of the good greek wife !

I have sent you a facebook message with my postal address details.

For today's question, I dress up for church then afterward get into something casual for the rest of the day because it involves some really fun stuff like playing along with my son and his new toys and cleaning up after christmas dinner when the family have left.

And off course my day will not be complete if I did not after all is done settle down with a good book!

Have great day
Your Fan

Laney4 said...

Hi, Kate!
Usually it's black dress pants and a red top for church Christmas Eve, and then wear that outfit to a neighbourhood house party directly thereafter.
Jeans and comfy top Christmas morning, then change into same black pants, along with a top I've probably just received, to wear for the afternoon while visiting DH's two brothers' homes, then back home to finish making supper (as my turkey has cooked while we've gallavanted around) in my jeans again. Once the dishes are done, my nighty calls me!

Kaelee said...

Thank you Kate for pointing out the online read library on Mills and Boon. I found what I was looking for and a whole lot more. I also went searching for the online read library on eHarlequin . Next up is the Australian site.

Christmas day will be a travel day and the only real party I'll be going to is at my sister's farm on Boxing Day. Since the dress code is casual I'll be wearing jeans and a sweater. I am thinking about trying to find a new sweater before Christmas if there are some good sales.

host said...

I am not sure what I'll be wearing but I know it will be something red and green :) with few Christmas ornaments - like Christmas tree earrings, elf's horns.... you can imagine the rest!

Kelly said...

Hi Kate,

I would love to get dressed up for Christmas but my family dresses really casual so I would stand out too much if I wore what I really wanted to. It usually ends up being jeans and a nice sweater which is comforable though when running around fetching drinks for people and putting out food.

Julie said...

We don't dress up on Christmas Day. It's just the two of us as our family are all down in England so it's very casual and relaxing.

chey said...

Christmas this year will be casual. I'll wear jeans and my green Christmas sweater.

Anonymous said...

We do like to dress up a bit for Christmas and put something nice and elegant on.

Hopefully we have something new to wear, if not, then we find some glad rags...hehe!!!

And after spending all morning in the kitchen..then I do change for dinner, though I usually don't sit down to eat before everyone else is finished!

in Germany

Anonymous said...

Christmas Day is pretty low key for me dress wise. Usually something like a black skirt and top, earings and a touch of lipstick. I have to feel comfortable when I'm in the kitchen most of the day! But I do make up for it after boxing day when I alongside my husband take a few days holiday (minus kitchen)! Then I wear smart casual during the day (with boots). I adore boots so much that I also wear them at night with a dress or maybe treggings with my favourite kaliko coat. Can't wait!
I am on your newsletter list.
Anita B

Debby said...

I always wear a sweater that my kids gave with three kitties wearing Christmas hats. My kids gave it to me. Not sure if any will be home this year!! Bummer
debby236 at att dot net

lidia said...

As usual, you are way to generous with all of the gifts during your contests!

Our family gets dressed pretty nice for the holidays (Sunday church) -- no jeans. Nothing too fancy.

Depending on how cold it is that day, I'll either wear a nice blouse and skirt or a sweater and dress slacks.

Enjoy the holidays!

ros said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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